Truth is, no BOLD life ever saw the frickin’ light of day, living in a damn closet asking…


“Can I or Can’t I?” thoughts – Leaves you wondering, “Can you or can’t you?”
“Should I or Shouldn’t I?”questions – Find you should-ing yourself to death
“Will you or won’t you?” – Just leads to a Tug-of-War of will’s


Stop asking black and white, yes or no questions, for crying out loud!



You can’t…


  • Disrupt culture for the good of you and the world, while playing it safe to make others happy
  • Escape the confines of your steady pay cubicle, and hope to have an entrepreneurial life of boundless fulfillment
  • Live your sexual truth while hanging onto the need for societal to approval of your “lifestyle”


You can’t do any of those things, and more, without adding some color to break out of your life’s closet.


Add…one part COLOR, one part SIMPLE, one part BOLD.


It’s simple. Be bold.
Life. Uncloseted.