Gay, straight, and everyone in between, what would be different…

If you were living the truth of who you are rather than the false truth of who you’re not?


  • Living authentically and fully self-expressed
  • Experiencing meaningful sex, raw intimacy, and deep love
  • Embracing your spiritual self and living from your soul center
  • Living your passion and loving your work
  • Overflowing with confidence
  • Creating an EPIC life you love

Imagine, finally coming out of the closets of your life to be your most real self!

I’ve become known as a closet buster and Coming Out Authority. Here’s why!

I make ways for people who’ve got it going, to get it going more, by guiding them to draw on their differentness to become genuinely remarkable in work, love, and life!

How do I do this? I guide you to rally your courage, ignite your curiosity, and to thoughtfully and strategically use your differentness to revolt against a world of sameness to become 100% your self. The real self. The one that resides at your heart and soul. The one where fear and not good enough are no longer welcome!

Rick’s basically a safari guide for my dream hunting. Whenever I hit a roadblock, he knows exactly which questions to ask, to help me find the answers I already knew, but had buried deep within. Thank you Rick. You mean more to me than you will ever know.

Blake J. – Phoenix, AZ