I’d like to share a story with you. You might even call it your story.

Once upon a time there was a planet. A planet inhabited by humans. The planet was called Earth. Sound familiar?

Most of the humans were just like you.

  • Living their busy lives
  • Doing the friends and family thing
  • Planning big adventures


In fact, most of these humans desired to do really big things.

  • To have greater impact on the planet.
  • To be part of something greater than themselves.
  • To live happy, successful lives.


Sadly, two big obstacles kept holding them back.

#1 – The humans often felt they weren’t good enough
#2 – They were afraid of being different from everyone else


See, they were all doing lots of things just to fit in:

  • Building businesses based on the latest Biz Guru’s big idea
  • Raising families the way Mom and Dad had done
  • Climbing career ladders, one position at a time
  • Juggling over packed schedules because that’s what you do
  • Making and saving money for SOMEDAY like everyone else

To keep their lives moving forward, the humans spent a lot of time, energy, and brainpower doing things they didn’t want to do. Yet, they buckled down and did it. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Right?


Fall in line, and do what everyone else does, that’s what was expected. Don’t rock the boat by being a dreamer…by being unique!


Between “you can’t, you shouldn’t” and “that will never work,” so many of the humans on planet Earth began to lose themselves.

  • Losing their confidence.
  • Setting their uniqueness aside.

Life was hard. Often these humans lost sleep, put on fake smiles, and hid their most valuable assets, just to fit in.

Not only was trying to fit in hard, but leading a double-life became exhausting.
Never being able to share their true self and talents with the world made it hard to enjoy life.


And the worst part? Everyone around them was doing the same thing.

Schools were teaching it.
Companies expected it.
Friends were only friend if you did it.


It being – pretending to be someone you weren’t just to make the world go
round a little easier!

The whole planet was doing it
Playing the game.
Living unfulfilled lives.

Then, things began to change.

Every so often a few of the humans would start to do things differently.

Summon up their confidence.
Bravely owning their uniqueness in the world.

  • More and more humans began to experience success as they defined IT for themselves.
  • Other humans began to build unconventional lives and experience real happiness, living in their uniqueness.
  • Businesses profits and revenues exploded as people over profit became the new normal.
  • Creativity, progressive-thought, and “let’s try something completely different,” became the standard instead of the strange or weird ideas.


The humans who were afraid to be different, decided to take flight!


They asked a few of the humans who’d stepped away from being like everyone else, “How did you do it? ”

Their answer?


“We built up our confidence. We embraced our uniqueness. We unleashed our superpowers on the world!

They came out of their closets. Quit hiding their secret assets.
Started living their own brand of unique! So can you!