5 Simple Questions To Pump Up The Positive Vibe!


Happy Friday Everyone!

There seems to be a lot of negativity floating around these days.
That’s ok. It happens.
Especially when there is change and uncertainty.
Yet, it’s all happening for us.
So stay positive. Easier said than done!

Rather than take a bath is victimhood and self-pity,
why not ask yourself these 5 Powerful, Positive Questions…

1. How can I serve others in this moment?

2. What would I rather feel than what I am feeling?

3. How can I practice patience and understanding right now?

4. What can I learn from this experience?

5. Who’s hurting worse than me?

Often our big bold moves that we need to make to shake off negativity
don’t really take that much effort.

They just take asking questions that get us out of the negativity
and into a different thought pattern.

So you see…

It’s simple. Be bold. Ask the right questions.

Sanity Savers…It Only Takes 5

head bang

Let’s be honest with each other, we all have crazy, chaotic lives and the last thing we need is more stuff to do. Right?

So here’s what I’ve done to keep myself sane. At any given time, I only allow 5 true Sanity Savers, in my life. You might be asking, “What’s a Sanity Saver?” I define these as things that help me let go, and keep my crazy making voices quieted down (yes I have them too).

So why just 5 Sanity Savers? I believe in being a minimalist. In fact that’s one of my Sanity Savers…live minimally. Now my family would argue, “No he doesn’t,” given the amount of trips I make to the grocery store and Trader Joe’s any given week, but hey, we all have are little pleasures in life. But enough about my grocery store obsessions, let’s get to my Sanity Savers and see if hey just might be of interest to you too.

1. Minimal is maximum. I try to keep purchases to a minimum. Only buy things that I desire and that bring me happiness. I used to be a consumerist big time. Now I prefer to only buy what I need.

2. Darren’s Daily – I had the opportunity to meet Darren Hardy, Founder and Publisher of Success magazine and was introduced to his Darren’s Daily emails and texts. Great info for staying the course of successful living. Check it out!

3. Meditate daily. I use Insight Timer  morning and evening, for 20 minutes a day to quiet my mind and ease my stress levels. I love this because it has a timer and tons of guided meditations – musical and spoken word – to support you in your practice.

4. Walk, walk, walk. I could ride my bike (love to do, but my knees aren’t as strong as they used to be), I go to the gym (hate it but do it), but I prefer to walk. Each and every day I walk a minimum of 3 miles. Not sure how many steps that it, but I’m not concerned. All I know is the walking gives me time to listen to podcasts, get exercise, breathe fresh air, and see the world in a whole new light. To track my progress I use Map My Walk.

5. Podcasts. And speaking of podcasts, as a podcaster (The Coming Out Lounge) I love listening to other podcasts. Since I walk pretty much 7 days a week that means I listen to 7 different podcasts a week. My favorites that help me stay balanced? Good Life Project, Savage Lovecast, This American Life, The Moth, Happier With Gretchen Rubin, and The Tim Ferris Show. Now I must confess, this list changes regularly, because I get bored and in order to stay sane, I must not be bored.

So why did I just share this list with you? Because I believe that Sanity Savers, truly save lives…isn’t your life worth saving from overwhelm, stress, and crazy making thoughts? I thought so, so consider this my gift to you…even though it’s my birthday (shameless self promotion birthday plug!)

How about you tell me your sanity savers over at my Facebook Page?

Hide and Seek…Shall we play or not?

Big_ThreatHide and Seek was one of my favorite games as a kid. Mostly because it was the one game I was damn good at.

Ironically, I’m still good at it, but in different ways, and I suspect some of you are good at it for similar reasons.

I’m good at…

  • Hiding what I’d really like to say for fear of being rejected
  • Hiding how I feel out of fear that the truth may be more than someone else can handle
  • Hiding feelings about what I truly desire in my life because someone else will think those feelings are silly
  • Hiding when i’m frustrated and hurt, and pretending that nothing is bothering me
  • Hiding my happiness because I don’t want others to think it’s all about me

When in reality, what I seek is…

  • To be heard, understood, and embraced
  • To be honest and truthful in a way that shows I really do care about others, even if it may be hard for them to handle
  • To be able to share my desires and not be ridiculed
  • To be vulnerable without fear
  • To share my happiness without feeling shame

So I’m wondering, are you still playing hide and seek?

If so, let’s both commit to stop hiding one thing this week and share one thing we seek to have more of in our lives.

Happy New Year of Intentions



Before the year starts to get away from us, as we know it is prone to do, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for whatever you choose to create for yourself in 2017.

I also wanted to share a little technique I use that I think is better than goal setting or New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, let’s set intentions.

Now you probably are thinking, “Well what’s the damn difference?” Not much, but for me I’ve found intentions much more powerful.

Intentions, as I define them, are things I choose to experience, do, or live by. Goals, are outcomes or results I wish to achieve. Again, you could argue they are very similar, but here’s how I make this work.

For example, in 2017 I intend to experience less stress and more peace. Those are only a couple of my intentions. and here’s the formula I use to set this new year ball in motion.

STEP 1 – Set Your Intentions
Remember intentions are things that you desire to experience, do, or live by. Don’t worry about the goals, we will get to those in just a moment. As another example, I also intend to be less judgmental and more interested in others this year.

STEP 2 – Define Your Goals
Yay! Here come the goals. Alrighty. This next step is about creating goals that support your intentions. For instance, in order to be less stressed and more at peace my goals are to increase my income by 15%, stop comparing myself to others unnecessarily, and be more in the moment rather than in the future or in the past. I will define these goals to be more measureable, but I think you get the drift.

STEP 3 – Clearly State What You Wish To Experience and Why
This final step is critical in my opinion for making intentions come to life and to inspire your goals to be achieved. Clearly state, define, express what you want to feel when your intentions are met and your goals achieved. Not only do I wish to experience less stress and more peace, but when that happens I will feel more relaxed, happy, and connected to myself and others. And the reason why I want to experience that is so that I can be more in the good of life than spending my energy trying to create life. My other why is so that I can let the Universe (God) take over the master plan.

So there you have it. My little intention setting and goal getting gift to you as you end 2016 and embark on 2017. Oh and one more thing. I’ve been reading Gabby Bernstein’s new book, The Universe Has Got Your Back and one of my big take aways is to approach everything with JOY…even the shit storms of life.

Happy New Year & Many Blessings

If you’re afraid to fail then you’re afraid to succeed.

Success_FailureIt’s been a crazy busy week. I’ve been recording Coming Out Lounge Podcasts like a mad podcaster, writing articles, working on the launch of a new project, and in the midst of it all, I failed.

  • I failed to remember an appointment my daughter had
  • I failed to show my husband some extra love
  • I failed to get my cardio workout in one day
  • I failed to stick to my meal plan for a day
  • I failed to be grateful, numerous times

But dammit, I’m so glad I failed. In fact, I didn’t realize how glad I was I failed until in the middle of interviewing mega marketer and thought leader, Chris Brogan, that I was reminded that not being afraid to fail will lead you to outcomes you never thought possible. Let me say that again.

When stop being afraid to fail you’ll experience
outcomes you never thought possible!

That may be a really hard pill for us to swallow, but it’s actually very sound advice.

  • Fear of failure is absurdly striving for perfection.
  • Fear of failure is believing we have to live to please others.
  • Fear of failure is living by standards that may be detrimental to our well being.
  • Fear of failure is a way of inviting the “not good enough” voices to rule.
  • Fear of failure is not allowing for other potential outcomes to flourish.

Instead, how about embracing failure.

When you embrace failure…

  • You learn from it and grow
  • You find the more powerful answers to the question “What’s next?”
  • You discover how to be grateful for your other successes
  • You absorb pain with less stress each time you fail
  • You bounce back with renewed intentions

As I look at what I say I failed at this week, what I realize is that…I got to spend more time with my daughter, my husband still loves me even when I don’t give of my time, I’m more inspired to go extra time in my cardio workout to make up for what I missed, my meal plan doesn’t control me, I control it; and the next entry in my gratitude journal is going to read “I’m grateful that I failed!”

Come Out, Be You, Just Don’t Be An Ass About It!

The Ass's Ass

If you’re not gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual, you’re still welcome to read this.

Just because the first words are “Come Out,” doesn’t mean you have to say, “Screw you, I’m out of here!”

In fact, that’s one of the biggest conflicts that arise when someone COMES OUT! One of two things often happens…

a) The recipient of the news can’t handle the truth of someone coming out and they say, “F#@$* You,” and leave the relationship


b) The person delivering the news, can’t handle the fact that the person they just told can’t accept them and they in turn, say, “F#@$* You,” and leave the relationship!

Either way, it’s a lose, lose scenario. Great relationships get shattered. So now let’s take it out of the context of COMING OUT about sexuality. Have you ever said “F#@$* You,” because someone comes out and…

  • Disagrees with your values
  • Can’t accept your religious beliefs
  • Chooses to leave a relationship that you think is perfect for them
  • Becomes a exercise and healthy living fanatic
  • Decides that they are not going to treat their terminal illness the way you would

This list could go on, and on, on. Everyone is COMING OUT of something and has the right to COME OUT of it in their own way that works for them. That being said, you also have the right to COME OUT and have your own opinion about what they are COMING OUT about.

Yet in the grand landscape of life, maybe their COMING OUT, is simply a message for you to learn to be more embracing, accepting, and non-judgmental. Of course it could also be the soap in the mouth to teach you to stop saying, “F#@$* You.”

So what if the next time someone COMES OUT to you and you just said, even silently in your own mind, “Today I choose to listen, and not react!” Maybe that would make for a really, really, good weekend.

If you’re juggling, keep it up, until your ready to land!


I was working with a client this week who was feeling unfocused, out of control, and as if everything was up in the air. After he shared the various aspects of his life that were making him feel like a master juggler, I shared with him one of my Rickism’s that I live by:


If we don’t get things up in the air then nothing can land!
Some of you may be scratching your head going, “WHAT?” So let’s dissect this thought.
  1. Every good idea, desire, or goal needs a solid place to land in order for it to take root and grow.
  2. In order for it to land, some aspect of the idea, desire, or goal must be up in the air, out in the ether’s of possibility, before it can become a reality.
  3. Without letting our thoughts about our ideas, desires, and goals float out there in possibility land, they then simply remain thoughts that never get implemented into actions.
  4. Without taking any actions to dissect the possibilities, nothing gets done and you simply continue to juggle your ideas, desires, and goals, and nothing ever lands.
You my friend are the master juggler of your life. As you juggle, and put things into the air and realm of possibility, don’t be afraid to let things land. There’s only one of two things that will happen when they land.
  1. The thought, idea, goal lands in a manner that lights you up and you move forward with excitement and wonder into your new adventure.
  2. The thought, idea, goal lands in a manner that doesn’t set well and you release it…if you can release it.
The problem most of us encounter, is our inability to release it if the thought, idea, goal doesn’t set well. So then what do you do? How can you learn to release something that you believe is in your best interest? Great question and here’s my suggestion…ask yourself if it truly is in your best interest.

It means that you literally explore the following question:

Is it in my best interest to keep juggling this thought, idea, goal
in my life, or is it in my best interest to finally let it go and to move on?
To obtain the answer, you only need to listen and listen deeply. Only then will the juggling pay off so that the answer can land!

If you haven’t failed today…you might want to try again!


Failure. It makes us feel shameful, like a loser, and downright crappy! Well get over it and take another look.

At the end of each day, I would invite you to ask yourself, “What did I fail at?” Often, we can easily come up with a list of failures that are just superfluous failures. You know the kind that aren’t really a matter of life or death.

Then there are the monstrous failures like forgetting a “0” or adding an extra “0” that cause revenues to sky rocket or plummet.

And, then there are the days with no failures. The days that everything is good, the sun is shining, sliver linings are everywhere, yet, you still feel like nothing special has happened. Maybe it’s because you didn’t fail.

  • You avoided standing up for something you believe in
  • You neglected giving an opinion for fear of being shot down
  • You let someone else have the upper hand and take the credit for your idea
  • You said “Yes,” when you really wanted to say, “No”
  • You set your dream aside with a sigh and a promise to do it “someday”

Ironically, any of those scenarios might have caused you to fail. Even more ironic is the truth that any one of those scenarios might have also caused you to succeed, feel happier, come more alive, and step into your brilliance.

So now, I ask you, “Would you rather fail, or continue to sit in the darkness of wondering, what if?”

Rather than…

  • Letting “What if…” hold you hostage
  • Hiding your brilliance in the potential shadows of rejection
  • Succumbing to the easy road of “Yes”

Maybe you’d like to take the chance and just for today, fail. Fail just a little bit or a lot, so that you can grow into the essence of you that you’ve always been. Maybe, just maybe, you might take that risk and let a little failure guide you to your next great learning adventure so that you can thrive!

Blog Art Courtesy of gapingvoid!

Play is not something to be played with…it is meant to be cut loose and enjoyed!

I just spent the better part of a week, coming off of a play date and maintaining the play date high…AND I LIKE IT! LIKE IT ALOT!

My playground was just at the base of Mt. Hood in Oregon.
Weather was overcast and rainy, but no dampening of the spirits occurred.
Water cascaded breathlessly over rocks in the Shady Pine river.
My playground was a cabin.
My playmates were but just two…two brilliant kids disguised as adults.

Our goal wasn’t to build a rocket ship, or to sit mindlessly enthralled in TV or video games. Oh no, we were kids at play trying to figure out something bigger than all of us.

We explored. Laughed. Cried.
And, of course we ate and slept. Very little sleep but we did make it happen.

Our intention was to create a product.
Craft a podcast show.
Find the just right messages to entice people into the playground of Rick.
There was only one problem…little Rickey wasn’t playing.
He was pretending to play and failing.
Not surprising, given that he was the master of “never let them see you.”

Chip. Chip. Chip away they did.
Leaving fragments of the facade on the playground.
Nakedness, revealing different-ness, that would become the glue to hold the one-ness of Rickey together.

My dream taunted me to come to the playground.
I came, but did not come fully, until I realized, to step over the cliff into pleasure, fun, smiles wouldn’t hurt me.

That’s when I jumped.

Jumped fully into the reality that my one-ness, my different-ness could never become the message of SAME-NESS BE DAMNED until I released.

Released myself to fully play in the playground that is…

my HOLY GRAIL for traveling on this earth!

Now I’m more lit up than ever before.
Now I’m smiling, an act that so many have begged me to do for so long.
Now I’m at one-ness, practicing my different-ness, loving my unique-ness.

So I wonder???

Are you playing?
Playing on the playground of your life?
Playing in the DIFFERENT-NESS that makes you, you?
Playing just for the sake of playing in life?
Playing so that you can say…SAMENESS BE DAMNED!

If not, why not?

Are you hung over in the doldrums of life? Dread getting out of bed?

Everyone complains about Monday’s. Ok, that’s a generalization.

Those that don’t work traditional work weeks probably complain about Tuesday’s Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s, and Sundays! Whatever day of the week that their week begins.

So how do we overcome the “Dammit it’s (fill in your dreaded day of the week)” mentality? Simple! But, before I share the secret sauce, the magic elixir, the idea that could make me millions (just joking), let’s talk about why we dread.

Dread is because we’re not in joy, happiness, love, like, thrill, adventure, etc. Another way of looking at it is we’re not in alignment with our values and beliefs. So how did we go from dreading waking up on a Monday morning – or whatever day of the week you dread – to values and beliefs? Very simple…it’s all one big cocktail of life that needs stirred not shaken to properly make us happier.

When we stir out the words of life that make us feel less than, obligated, overwhelmed, or small, suddenly, even a morning wake-up call back to reality will be easier to swallow.

So, remember two paragraphs back when I said I’d show you how to overcome the “Dammit it’s (fill in your dreaded day of the week)” mentality? Remember how I said it was SIMPLE? Ok, here’s what you’ve been waiting for…switch the should, could, would, need, have to do’s for the day to…wait for it…be patient…wait for it…switch it to…

Today I get to do…

I know, I’m brilliant. Don’t you feel better? Ok, enough of me stroking my own ego, but, seriously! Try it out for yourself, right now.

Say, “Today I have to (fill in the blank).”

How do you feel? Dread, defeated, not to excited? Now, try on the new way.

Say, “Today I get to (fill in the blank).”

There should be a slight shift, or maybe a ginormous shift in how you feel, just by changing the word “have” to the word “get.”

Yes I’m word smithing your life, but hey, I’m a Life Coach and that’s part of what I’ve been put on this earth to do. I GET to, not HAVE to, help people re-word smith their lives for greater joy.

So go on. Pick three things you get to do today and enjoy them. And, in between those things, slide in the “have to do’s” and see how much more easily your day goes by.