Ready for your next bold move?



I get it. You’re frustrated, confused, exhausted.

You’re a guy at the top of your game, or getting there, and you know you’ve gotta do something more to really be alive.

Yeah, do something, anything, but, instead, you’re doing nothing. Or, at least that’s the way it feels.

Questions keep piling up, and you’ve got no clear answers or direction.

You settle back into life. Discontent eating you alive. Wishing, the damn chaos would retreat.

You’re frozen. You’re getting nowhere. You’re losing ground and are afraid you could lose everything.

Yeah, lose your status, your title, your momentum, your life as you know it, your man mojo.

All because you want to make a big bold move that will free you to live your life uncloseted.




It’s simple. Be bold.


Ok, Mr. CEO, VP, Ladder Climber, Super Dad, Awesome Bread Winner, Husband of The Year.

I’m not trying to be coy or flippant when I say, “It’s simple. Be bold!” Truth is…


  • All the bullshit you’re feeding yourself…
  • Every fear you’re not confronting…
  • Each moment you’re not being you…


Is because you’re complicating things and not making bold moves because your thinking in black and white terms.

I know. I was there. I hid, pretended, and people pleased. Then I woke up. Said that’s not who I am.

I don’t want to be a VP. I don’t want to be in debt just to look good to the world. I don’t want to live a live. I don’t want to be miserable.

Now I wake up everyday, totally stoked, being the CEO of my life, making big bold moves with top performing men who are ready to make big bold moves. Doesn’t mean I don’t work with the ladies, or guys with no heady titles. It means I’ve been super successful with men who are driven, want more from life than the mundane, and finally get out of “Can I or Can’t I” thinking to make their bold move – their way – whatever that bold move is.

They’re motivated guys, with the ability to invest in themselves, who are done living mediocre lives. Men who are tired of cowering behind someday, what if’s, can’t do’s, and other people’s expectations. Men tired of their own bullshit, sick of not facing their fears, and who are committed to being fully self-expressed beyond titles, status, and materialistic pursuits.


Live –  Life. Uncloseted.




Guys (and some gals) work with me to make BOLD moves.

I specialize in working with determined guys (and gals who like my style) that want a collaborator, a wing man, a straight-talking, no fluff, let’s get stuff done, make bold moves, simplify my life, kind of guy on their team.

They are guys (and gals) that realize, doing nothing is no longer cutting it. These guys know it’s time to escape their bullshit, explore their fears, and elevate their f*cking self-expression if they are ever going to get what they want in life.


Case Studies: Guys rockin’ my It’s Simple, Be Bold coaching in their lives!



Life Sucking Steve

Successful by everyone else’s standards. Unsuccessful by his own standards. In reality, the problem was – everyone else’s expectations were killing Steve and keeping him playing safe. Good job, not his calling. No relationship, but craving one. Decent salary, but always wanting to make more money doing something he really loved. What started out as an exploration of next career steps, quickly turned to the core issue that Steve needed to be in positions where freedom and creativity were king. Just so happened that Steve didn’t see the real issue until he started exploring the real problem. Now Steve’s simplified his life, made BOLD moves by starting a side hustle in the entertainment industry, got his foot in a career that enables him to create his own monetary destiny, and he’s confidently out in the dating world secure in who he is, knowing what he wants, and showing up fully present!




Change The Channel Chris

Chris was a corporate layoff casualty. High-level, C-suite kind of guy. He knew it was coming. Had plenty of time to prepare, and decided after the layoff to take some time. Time to figure out his next bold move. What’s transpired is a complete channel change. We’ve explored what’s important to him, taken walks back in time to uncover his childlike wonder, opened doorways he’d closed, and created a new plan to go forward, literally changing channels and going out with the old and in with the new. In the process, Chris has discovered the power of taking time out to take care of himself, which has led to less stress, more enjoyment, and a whole lot of exploring hobbies he’d wished he’d started a lot sooner!




Passionate Pursuit Jeff

Jeff was successful, had his own business, but wasn’t feeling it. Money was flowing, relationship was rocking, but still something was missing. We dove in, got him giving himself permission to do crap – actually fun stuff –  he’d never done before, and helped him quit saying, “Well, I don’t know…” His BOLD move? He’s leveraged his talent, insight, and kickass knowledge into a new business that more aligns with his true calling – teaching others how to make money while having a balanced life. He’s loving life, more open to “What if…?”, and wakes up excited to see what’s in store for the new day.




Think I’m gay Mike

Step out. Step up. Step into living your truth. When Mike started his BOLD journey of exploring his sexuality, he thought he was alone, and was confused about his sexuality. His gut told him nobody would get him, he felt he was late to the coming out game, and who thought he would he never find anyone to make a life with for the long-term. Of course he was wrong, but the first BOLD move we made was getting Mike comfortable in his own skin. Everything from embracing his sexuality, to building confidence, to coming out at his own pace, in his own way, to everyone in his life. The results? He defined who he was as a gay man, ventured into his first longer-term relationship, came out to his family and friends, navigated a break-up, and landed a killer job, and discovered the beauty of living life on his own for now. He’s  being himself – a mindful, open to possibilities, “Yeah I’m gay, so what?” confident guy, with a new job, killing it in the dating world.




Might be over Jake

Handsome, funny, rockin’ career, and a social butterfly. Jake has it all going for him, and, he’s miserable in his relationship. It’s good when it’s good, and really bad when it’s bad. The two of them are not exactly oil and water, but they’re at an impasse and not mixing it up as good as they could. They’ve been together for a good run. However, it’s obvious, things are coming to a head. She’s trying to figure herself out, while Jake’s trying to figure out where he’s gone wrong and what he should do. Truth is, Jake’s not really done anything wrong. He’s simply caught in a relationship that’s crying for a new direction. During this BOLD relationship exploration, Jake’s examined his role, made peace with what he could have done or do better, taken one for the team – more than once, and finally started valuing himself, knowing clearly what he wants from his relationship. The door ways of communication are flung wide open, allowing Jake the freedom to be vulnerable, trust his intuition, ask for what he desires, and he’s learning to accept, moving on can be a possibility, and not a point of failure.



It’s simple. Be bold.


It is really simple to make bold moves. The first step is giving yourself BOLD permission to explore.

To quiet the voices that are filling your head with bullshit false truths.

To look at your fears with curiosity and wonder.

To imagine elevating your f*cking self-expression to new heights.

You, me, and taking this simple, bold coaching journey is what leads to you living your…


Life Uncloseted!