Coming Out Without Coming Unglued Coaching


Whether you’re just beginning to explore your sexuality, know where you stand and need to build the confidence to come out, or are ready to take the step out of the closet and need expert support, this individualized, one-on-one coaching program meets you right where you are in your coming out journey. The explorations and work we do are done in a safe, confidential environment, where you can express your feelings and explore the person you deeply desire to be in your sexual energy without guilt or shame.

Coming Out Without Coming Unglued is for the guy/gal who’s…

  • Looking for a comprehensive, supportive, confidential, and non-judgmental, one-on-one program for coming to terms with your sexual orientation so that you can step powerfully into your sexual truth without guilt and shame.
  • Stuck in a pit of loneliness or low confidence, wondering “What if this is just a phase? Why do I feel so confused about my sexuality? Will I fit into the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, poly culture once I come out? Why did I get married if this is who I really was all along? What am I going to do if nobody wants me around once I’m out of the closet?”
  • Ready to feel positive, powerful, joyful and hopeful, about being on the other side of the closet doors. This program is designed to help improve your sense of self-worth, identify dangers you’ll face by dwelling in the past and future, and give you all the insight you’ll need for a healthy, happy, life as a proud out person.
  • Prepared to walk through those closet doors, and rise above that terrible feeling that being out in your sexual orientation makes you “less than.” Get great tips on building courageous confidence, quieting “naysayer, voices,” standing up for your beliefs, and tapping into your most authentic self in all aspects of life.

Throughout my time with Rick, I can say that I have grown into a confident gay man. I look forward to our weekly sessions so much. After all, every session teaches me that I have the tools to live and authentic and fulfilling life as a gay man. Our sessions have helped me to grow well beyond my sexual orientation. I never imagined it, but our work has helped me to grow more confident in my work, my creative skills and my personal relationships.

Joe H. – New Jersey


You’ll gain a new level of self-love, courage, and assurance that you never conceived possible during this program. Picture yourself stress-free, overflowing with confidence, joy, and happiness, knowing that being your authentic self is exactly what’s best for you, which makes you better for others in your life.

No more pretending to be someone you’re not, or living a dual life that’s tearing you apart. During these powerful coaching sessions you’ll dig deep into your truth, break free from false beliefs, and learn dozens of how-to strategies for coming out of the closet without coming apart, and move into a life of being free to be you on the other side.

  • Embrace your true sexuality, living free from stressful thoughts of “Why is this happening to me?”
  • Honor your spirituality and sexuality without sacrificing one or the other
  • Uncover powerful communication tools for sharing your sexuality with others in a non-confrontational manner
  • Confidently step into gay dating and mating, dispelling fears that you’ll never find an intimate, loving relationship
  • Meld your sexual identity into all aspects of your life in a manner that’s comfortable for you
  • Boldly become the sexual being you desire to be, not the sexual being you believe you’re supposed to be
  • Respectfully disentangle past relationship(s), rebuilding them with integrity without losing your own self-worth
  • Design your own version of an “out and proud” life that prevents you from ever feeling guilt or shame about your sexuality again
  • Create a road map for coming out in all aspects of life rather than flying blindly into scary, uncharted territory
  • Live in a state of consciousness where your sexuality doesn’t define you; it’s simply a beautiful bonus of your uniqueness

Honestly I’m not sure how I could have come as far as I have with out “Rick, The Gay Man’s Life Coach”. He has been tremendous, and frankly I’m not sure how men “come out of the closet” without someone like Rick on their side. Just having someone to let me know that what I was feeling and thinking was exactly what I needed to get clarity. He helps you find your truth and to be proud of what that truth is. Thank you Rick!

Jason C. – Wyoming

Program includes…

  • True U Process (Included With Explore & Expand Packages Only) – 20 minute assessment and coaching debrief that pinpoints the roadblocks that are preventing you from coming into your sexuality with grace and ease
  • Your choice of 2, 6, or 12, 50-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions via phone or Skype, where we partner together to create a road map for your coming out journey that releases you from guilt and shame, setting you on a solid path for living a confident out life in alignment with your values and beliefs.

Rick is a “wise sage” with the soul of an old wise man and the energy and tenacity of a modern man.  He puts things in perspective – big or small – which was a considerable help with my transitioning to my new “world” as a gay man.

John J. – Los Angeles