The only thing standing between you
and your life, is your FEAR!

One-on-one session, Fear Busting Discovery Session!


Deep dive, no BS session that quickly identifies the fear that's holding you back,
brings clarity to what you really want to do, and sets the stage to give yourself permission to live life without apologies!


This one-on-one coaching session delivers clarity, courage, confidence, and commitment. 

Is a One-on-one, Discovery Session For you?



  • It's time for your career to be fulfilling, rather than a drudgery
  • Your ready to have a rich relationship with yourself and others
  • You know you MUST build your own empire, not someone else's
  • Exploring your sexuality is more important than feeling guilty about it
  • Uncovering your passion is non-negotiable
  • You value one-on-one, intimate personal coaching
  • Something isn't working and you're tired asking why not
  • You're ready to take action, do the work, and get results


  • You're satisfied with the status-quo
  • Making a bold move scares the crap out of you
  • You think you can do it on your own
  • There's even one excuse for not making the investment
  • Straight talking, no BS coaching isn't for you.
  • You can't imagine yourself doing the hard work
  • Lip service about your goals is is feeding your results
  • You're afraid to give yourself permission to do something different



How long is this session,
and what will we accomplish?

30-minutes, one-to-one, face-to-face
video coaching.

This session kicks you quickly into gear so that you and I
uncover the primary fear that's holding you back
and then we deliver a tangible action step you can
implement immediately to make a bold move.


Do you offer
a guarantee?

For this session to be successful, you'll need to do the work,
be ready to kick ass, and open to the process.

However, I'm damn confident that you'll leave
this session with a clear idea of how to take a
bold action step,  and if you're not 100% happy,
I'll refund your investment.


Do you offer other
coaching options?

Yes. However, the Fear Busting Discovery Session
is the starting point that set the pace for what's to come.

Once you experience your first fear break through
in this session, you and I will design a customized
kickass strategy for you to continue to to bust free of fears, make bold moves, and start living your life without apologies.