Personal Training For Your Life Program

Maybe it’s about finding an incredible man while simultaneously trying to ignite your life with a passionate career. Or, it could be you’re tired of doing what your supposed to do and ready to do what you want to do. Get expert advice, uncover deep down what’s causing you to play it safe, and start gaining clarity in every access of your life – physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually – on an as needed basis.

If you’re not quite sure why you feel…

  • Stuck and unmotivated
  • Loved, but not in the way you desire
  • Successful, yet not fulfilled
  • Comfortable in your gay skin, but still not at peace
  • Optimistic, but not confident that can create your destiny

…then it’s time to unravel the mystery, and get in shape internally as well as externally.

Your Personal Training For Your Life adventure will guide you to your heart-center, launching you into an assertive state of action, for every aspect of your life.

Unconfined by your old beliefs and values, settling for mediocrity and white knuckling through crazy-making thoughts, you’ll break free from patterns of the past that no longer have a purpose in your life. Instead, you’ll design the life you crave, allowing your authentic values, beliefs, and desires to guide you.

You’ll embark on a life-changing, short-term, tightly focused, coaching program that is 100% sustainable, and fully custom-tailored to your particular goals and aspirations. Step-by-step formulas, thought-provoking exercises, supportive accountability, and a mentor who’s utterly committed to getting you results in a short amount of time, are all included in your investment of self.

Personal Training For Your Life is a holistic approach for taking tightly focused action for…

  • Bolstering confidence in order to attract people into your life that fulfill you socially, intimately, and professionally
  • Designing a living legacy that fills your passion and purpose cups
  • Exploring your definition of authentic living and bringing it alive
  • Developing a deep, rich, intimate relationship with an amazing man
  • Creating an unshakeable inside out, outside in love of self
  • Discovering pathways to a more self-expressed life
  • Creating balance – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Ramping up your success and earning potential
  • Exploring marriage and parenthood readiness
  • Setting and achieving laser-focused goals
  • Expanding social networks
  • Optimizing your gifts and talents in careers that
  • Breaking free from toxic relationships
  • Learning to communicate in non-combative means while learning to listen at deeper levels

During these short-term explorations, I’m standing solidly beside you through every aspect of investigating why the life you desire so deeply has eluded you so far. I will personally mentor, support, challenge, and teach you everything I know about living a life aligned with your truest self in order to be more fully self-expressed.

Each step of the journey, our partnership is keenly focused on you and your intentions, goals, and aspirations – the same exact way a personal trainer is focused on your health and wellness goals.


How will Personal Training For Your Life help you?

This short-term program is custom designed for the guy who wants a co-conspirator, accountability partner, and motivator to get what he wants and desires in life without being an ass, breaking down, shutting down, or walking away from living a potentially dynamic, fulfilling life. Discover the simple and powerful shifts to make life less stressful while attracting the things you most desire to you. During this journey you’ll hone in on ways to quickly yet effectively experience deeper levels of peace, calm, self-satisfaction, and focus. Simultaneously you’ll rid yourself of self-defeating habits, the need for others approval, and settling because it’s more comfortable than taking happy making risks.

What’s Included In Personal Training For Your Life?

  • Access to “Guyz Like Us” private Facebook Group where you can interact with other men who are working with Rick in his various programs. It’s a safe place to get advice, mentoring, and coaching about anything and everything us gay men encounter in life, by Rick in a private, comfortable, online environment only open to men involved Rick Clemons as a private coaching client.
  • 3, 50-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions via phone or Skype, where we take a holistic approach to uncovering the roadblocks that keep popping, preventing you from being fully self-expressed in a life.

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