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239: 12 Books For Living a Life Uncloseted – Rick Clemons

Making bold moves and living a life uncloseted, doesn’t take magic. It takes determination, belief, trust, and…a few good books. To get the year started, instead of a typical interview show, or goal setting show, I thought I’d simply provide you 12 (or actually a bakers dozen which is 13) books that have inspired me…

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237: The Art of Fearless Communication – Eduardo Placer

We all hear it but do we listen? Communication is key. Yet part of what keeps us playing small and not making the bold moves in life is that we can’t communicate clearly, let alone without fear. There’s always something holding us back. So let’s stop that bullshit and step into a state of fearless…

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233: Too Broke For Even A Closet – Josh Elledge

Imagine having little to no money…and starting a business. Ok, you’ve heard it before, but what you may not have heard is to come out of the closet and become a successful entrepreneur may only take some coupons, and $500 and a lot of believing in yourself. Let’s save you some time, get you focused,…

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