The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence

The Art of Kick Ass Confidence comes from within; creating a powerful shield that deflects the self-sabotaging, “not good enough” voices – internally and externally. You know those voices that tell you can’t be unique. This “at your own pace” course equips you with powerful tools to escape the wallflower syndrome, empowering you to stand where you’ve never stood before – in the limelight of your own personal Kick Ass Confidence!

The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence, self-guided course is for you!

  • Uncover the real reasons you’re wallflower thoughts are ruling your life and keeping you playing small.
  • Connect to the real, authentic you! No more feeling like you don’t know where you fit in, and no more feeling disconnected from the world.
  • Learn the steps you can take over and over again to build “Kick Ass Confidence,” so that no matter what happens with guys, at work, your family, or friends, YOU always feel good about YOU.
  • Master The Art of Kick Ass Confidence to ensure all changes you make are attainable and sustainable, so you don’t slip back into your old habits the minute you face a Confidence Buster
  • Connect with a higher level of emotional intelligence so you always know what to say and do, and you never have to wonder if you’re being cocky vs. confident.
  • Get a clear action plan to get the love life you want, by being your most authentic, confident self.

If you’ve ever felt less than, not good enough, held back because you lack confidence, and are tired of not being where you want to be in life, then you’re ready to step forward and get rid CONFIDENTITUS – a disease that has a hold on most humans, until we kick it to the curb.

Insightful, caring and knowledgeable is how I would describe Rick. He has lovingly guided me from self-despair to self-confidence. With Rick’s support I have rediscovered myself, become a stronger man, and a more loving father as well as a more self-assured and compassionate person.

Dwayne A. – Los Angeles

Hey, like you, I lacked self-confidence!

I believed deep down in my bones that I wasn’t good enough in so many ways. In fact, I was getting really tired of…

  • Not being noticed for my gifts and contributions
  • Hiding behind masks of “not good enough”
  • Watching others pass me by for promotions
  • Playing small and wallowing in a miserable life
  • Releasing my dreams into the ethers of “never going to happen”

Then I discovered, me, myself, and I were the only things holding me back from being confident and creating the life I desired. That’s when I realized it was time to…

  • Get out of my own way
  • Shut up the inner and outer Doubting Thomas’s
  • Unpack my steamer trunk filled with uncertainties
  • Step into action to become my own Super Hero

Now it’s your turn to master The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence!

Confidence1-jpg 8, Insightful and Power Packed Modules are going to unshackle you from self-doubts, turn on the faucets of self-love in full force, and kick you into a new groove of being a CONFIDENT GAY MAN. During this program you’re going to lovingly get naked with yourself, so you can step out of the dark corners of being wallflower, taking center stage in your life! Now before you get all excited, NO, you’re not going to strip down and get physically NAKED. Just raw, real, bold, and confident with yourself!

Each module includes…

  • Short, yet, to the point videos, that guide you step-by-step on how to step deeper into the mastery of self-confidence
  • Exercises to boost your self-worth and dump the negativity of “I’m not worthy”
  • Insights for releasing those annoying little voices that keep you boxed in a corner and saying, “I’m not enough!”

By the end of the course, provided you commit, stay focused, and do the work you’ll be ready to…

  • Confidently talk with men in any social situation without immediately assuming, “They’re not into me.”
  • Communicate your needs with anyone without looking like an asshole
  • Stand up, be your authentic self, and love who you are, regardless of what others may say or think
  • Learn how to keep a man interested beyond the first, second, and third dates without feeling like you’re trying really hard to maintain his attention.

When it comes to Kick Ass Confidence, Rick Clemons, The Gay Man’s Life Coach has got it goin’ on!!  I had so many “A-HA” moments during this course that I couldn’t wait to start the next module. What I realized during this course was I was holding myself back in my business because my confidence was lacking in areas I had not even considered. This course brought these issues to life for me so I could address them and create the confidence I needed to take my business to another level.  Thank you Rick, I am forever grateful!!”

Lee J. – New York

Module 1 – Confidence Hide and Seek!

You’ll design your Confident Why to get laser focused on what you WILL achieve when you’re fully engaged in YOUR most confident you. You’ll also identify your internal Dogma Dictionary that consistently depletes you of your own self-esteem. Plus, you’ll go on a grand, time travel adventure to discover and confront the self-doubt stories that no longer work for you, releasing them to the past, harnessing their energy to increase your love of self.

Module 2 – Crazy Makers, Cheerleaders, and Super Hero’s, Oh My!

Master the skill of sniffing out Confidence Culprits, while learning how to relinquish their control over your self-worth. Identify your cheerleaders, creating your own personal Confidence Crew, to support you as you bring your SUPER HERO within alive. Each step is designed to empower you to move from confidence vision, to confidence reality!

Module 3 – Heal The Double Talk!

Discover the four biggest Confidence Double Talkers who force you into believing you’re not good enough. (People who don’t know how to identify these double talkers are at greatest risk of never dumping the patterns of low self-esteem and feeling not good enough.) Learn how to create and achieve powerful goals, using a 7-Step Process, for living a fulfilled confident, without regrets!

Module 4: Treat The Stain. Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Fairly assess where CONFIDENCE STAINS are showing up in your life and how to treat those stains so you can wash them away permanently from your past, present, and future. Plus, learn the art of “Three Types of Listening” so you can become a gracious receiver rather than an apologetic, no big deal, brush off artist when given a compliment. You’ll also learn how to share your gifts and talents with the world without feeling like you’re grand standing and feeling like you’re calling overt attention to yourself.

Module 5: Monkey See, Monkey Blind

Learn specific techniques for ramping up your confidence and getting rid of the monkey mind chatter of “see no confidence, hear no confidence, speak no confidence, be no confidence.” See yourself through the lens of others, while rediscovering and reestablishing a passionate, loving relationship with yourself. Also, discover one simple yet effective tool that will help you confidently speak to anyone about anything, regardless of the situation…and without making you sweat and search for something to talk about.

Module 6: Breaking Bad, Making Good!

Connect with your deeper self to start breaking out of patterns that are holding you hostage from being your truest, most confident self. Learn how to deal with criticism, face down your gremlin voices, stop reacting to low self-esteem, and start taking action that attracts confident energy to you. Gain confidence with a simple 3-step formula that you can implement immediately, that will change every thought you have about your self, energizing you to confidently step out of the shadow of bad self image, and into the light of looking good!

Module 7: Tools Of The Confidence Trade

The key to breaking free from a constant cycle of low self-esteem is AWARENESS. You have to know to what you’re going up against! Modules 1 – 6 gave you that insight; now you’re going to create your own Tools Of The Confidence Trade. This step-by-step approach becomes the foundation of your Confidence Blueprint. Navigating away from a mentality of lack, need, scary, you’ll unravel 5 Personalized Tools developed by YOU, that will give you the Kick Ass Confidence you’ll need in any situation.

Module 8: Bye-bye Wallflower Syndrome! Hello Confident You!

Wrap up your journey of The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence by learning what’s hot and what’s not, so that you can adjust your confidence barometer as necessary and unplug the clogs that will attempt to back you into the not good enough corner. This final frontier helps remove you from the patterns of heartbreaking low self-esteem, placing you in the arms of self-love. Empowered from the inside out, you’ll exude confidence, stand in your personal power, and navigate the fine line between cocky asshole and confident human!

I must say that Rick’s “The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence” course shed a new and refreshing light on manifesting confidence. As a coach and a business owner I came away with practical ideas for both myself and my clients. A “hats off” to Rick for an engaging and rich class. It’s not to be missed!!!

Andrew M – San Francisco
What’s included in this self-guided program?

  • 8, short inspiring and motivational coaching videos, 3-5 minutes each, navigating you through each module of the course to ensure you stay on task, and propel your confidence through the roof
  • 60-minute, downloadable mp3 of the inspirational, and thought provoking audio course, “Creating Courageous Confidence”
  • 8, power-packed modules (over 80 pages) of self-exploration and personal confidence building tools designed to strip away the layers of low self-esteem, prop you up in the arms of self-love, that guide you to create a toolbox of powerful Kick Ass Confidence Tools that prevent you from ever playing small again
  • Add on bonus opportunity to start The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence journey with the eye-opening, and confidence boosting, True U Process, Rick’s #1 Coaching Tool for stripping away the not good enough demons, and replacing them with YOU ROCK angels. More than just confidence boosting insight, the True U Process opens your eyes to your inner self so that you can begin to make monumental transformations in all areas of your life.

When Do I Receive Access To The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence? You’ll gain access to the materials – videos, PDF worksheets, – within 24 hours of your payment being received. From the moment you start the course, you’ll realize you’ve invested in a unique set of confidence building tools that you’ll wish you’d discovered sooner. You’ll feel a shift deep within that may feel uncomfortable at first, but will propel you into a new way of being with yourself and in your life as a confident, self-loving, happy to be you person. It’s all at your finger tips to take charge of your self perceptions and start enjoying the fruits of being a person who’s mastered The Art Of Kick Ass Confidence!