The Coming Out Coach

Let’s be honest.
Being here, looking for answers is probably scary!

However, rest assured, what I’m sharing with you on are some simple ways to start to come to terms with your sexuality without a lot of pressure.

You’re here because you’re in 1 of three stages, or in a little bit of all of them.

Stage 1 – You think you’re gay!

This is the confusion stage. Not sure if you’re attracted to the same sex, but think you might be. Or, you could be thinking it is some form of latent “teen hormones” kicking in or even a “mid-life” sexual crisis. A good indicator that you’re in Stage 1 is if you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to sort out your feelings about sex and sexuality. Guilt and shame have taken up residence in your thoughts and you find yourself in a restless and fearful state of disbelief.

Stage 2 – You’re gay but not ready to say it!

Welcome to “Gay Conflict 101.” At this stage, everything in your life is a contradiction. Inside, you know what’s true for you, but you don’t want to announce it to the world yet! It feels good to know who you are, but you’re still ashamed, scared, and confused to share your secret with anyone. Everything you are right now in this moment is in complete opposition to the life you’ve lived…up until now!

Stage 3 – You’re gay and ready to come out!

You’ve got your hand on the doorknob of the “closet door” and you’re ready to step through. There’s also a good chance you’ve already got one foot outside the door and just need to design a plan for purposefully stepping into your gay life. Your mind is filled with thoughts of, “How do I tell people about me and this new truth of who I am?” You’re probably excited, anxious, and even a little bit at peace knowing your about to step out of the closet.

ContactPageAny of these stages fit you?

If so, then let’s talk.  I’m Rick Clemons, Huffington Post Gay Voices Blogger and Your Tango Expert. I’m also a Certified Professional Life Coach who who chose to launch my coaching career helping inspire, guide, and mentor individuals who are trying to find their way out of the closet.

I’ve helped a couple of hundred people navigate their journey to the truth of their sexual orientation, and to embrace being fully self-expressed in their gay skin. While my practice has been focused primarily on working with men who’ve been in heterosexual relationships, I’m open to working with anyone whose ready to take this big brave step toward a deeper state of personal well being.

Tapping into your confidence, we’ll focus on “what needs to be done,” how you’re going to do it, and when you want to accomplish it, so you can begin to live powerfully on purpose as a gay individual in society. I provide focused, purposeful, intentional direction that empowers you to step into your truth, embrace your freedom, and dive into living powerfully on purpose as the gay person you’ve always been.

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You choose and I’ll be there with the right guidance!