Episode 001: Gratefully Gay: The Art of Being A Happy Homosexual

RickCKicking off the debut show of the Coming Out Lounge, Coming Out Coach Rick Clemons dives right in with a provocative hour, exploring the “Art of Being Gratefully Gay.”

Catapulting well beyond cliché appreciation – “I’m thankful I’m gay so I don’t have to have sex with someone of the opposite sex” – we’ll explore situations, people, and milestones that deserve our attention and gratitude as we journey “out of the closet.”

Appreciating the struggles
Giving thanks for challenging limiting beliefs
Loving those who try to make us weak

Capturing experiences from his own “never-ending” journey out of the closet, and drawing upon the AHA moments of real-life clients, Coming Out Coach Rick will have you singing “Hallelu” before the end of the hour. Jam-packed with tips, advice and provoking questions to ponder; don’t be surprised when all’s said and done that you’ll be wanting thank Fred Phelps for his contribution to your gay life. You never know…stranger things could happen!

Gratitude with a capital “G” for being in your gay, your way, and sharing your appreciation with the world is what this show is all about!

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