Episode 003: He Said, She Said…The Art Of Coming Out and Being A Late Bloomer

Denise LaFrance, coach, mother, Portland, Maine resident, joins Coming Out Coach Rick as they go coach-to-coach and head-to-head, so to speak. (I think this is okay because it could mean we’re putting our heads together. But don’t worry; no blood will be shed here because it’s all in the name of understanding and supporting you and others who may be asking the question, “Just how do you do this ‘coming out’ late in life thing?”

Drawn from their own personal experiences, Coming Out Coaches Rick and Denise will take you on a journey into their respective truths. This heart-centered hour, reveals the turmoil, fear and indecision, as well as the excitement, joy and connection that happens when you come into your own and finally say, “Yes, I’m a gay!”

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