3 Not So Scary Ways to Get Over Being Confused by Your Own Bullshit

Halloween’s a great day to do something scary.

In this case, admit it’s your own bullshit that causes your greatest confusion, stress, and stomach aches. Not candy, partying, or drinking too much at one to many Halloween parties.

Don’t deny it, own it!

If you’re going to deny it, then you’ve just cast another stupid spell of denial on yourself that your bullshit isn’t really real. That’s fine. Just don’t whine and cry because you’re in a perpetual state of confusion.

Your Momma didn’t feel sorry for you when you ate too much candy, and I’m not going to feel sorry for you now because you keep chowing down on your bullshit thoughts of confusion.

However, I called myself out of the darkness of confusion, and like it or not, I’m going to do the same for you. Consider it a Trick that’s going to be a real Treat, if you choose to eat it. Or,  you could also consider it an enema for your mind, that will bring you clarity. Either way, here’s three ways to dump the bullshit, and flush the confusion.


    1. Own your thoughts instead of letting them own you. You create your thoughts. Duh. I know you’ve heard this before but obviously you’re not getting it, so it’s time to get messy. No one else is responsible for your good, bad, scary, doubtful, or confused thoughts. You and only You. The sooner you own your thoughts, the sooner the crap of confusion gets flushed because then you will realize you can change the thought. Yes, you can. If you choose not to change your thoughts, then I hope you get candied prunes in while Trick-or-Treating. At least your system will get flushed out even in your mind is still full of crap!


    1. Set the timer. Hello, the clock on your life is ticking. Hate to remind you but there’s only so many days on your dance card to kick it in life before you kick the bucket. So, sugah pie, you choose. You can let the clock run out, pissing about in a state of confusion, or set the timer. Give yourself time to mull things over, to dance in the “I don’t know,” but cut it off and move on. Confusion doesn’t get a lifetime lease unless you give it one. You control the amount of time, and I know you’ve got better things to do with your time than spin in confusion.


    1. Believe in life after confusion. In the great words of Cher, “Do you believe in life after love?” you can do the same with confusion, believe in life after. In all honesty, confusion actually breeds new life. I know that sounds so Zen, because it is damn it! Without confusion we don’t discover where we’re going, learn what matters, find what we’re seeking, etc., etc., etc. Not to be flippant, but “You ain’t getting nothing until you get confusing, so why fight it!” Dive in, wallow in it, let the thoughts wash over you, set the timer, and seek the truth.


When all else fails, remember the bullshit of confusion is really the manure that fertilizes clarity!

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