3 Things College Men Need Right Now to Be Successful

Ivy League or Community College. It really doesn’t matter where you start your higher education journey. And, as contrary to popular belief as it sounds, it doesn’t even matter if you start a higher education journey. I know, how blasphemous, and who am I to say such a thing. I’m just a guy with a perspective on what men of a college age really need to be successful.

If we can put actors, rip off artists, and men of no character in the White House, then why should we worry about pursuing higher education. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make when I say, it doesn’t matter if you start or pursue a higher education to be successful.

I’m referring to other, softer skills that guys in college and university, or anywhere need to master, otherwise their life is simply just poop in the toilet.

First, verbal diarrhea of the mouth sinks more talented men than silly stupid pick-up lines in bars. If a young guy can’t get a handle on his tongue, words, or thoughts and manage them for good, then he might as well dial 9-1-1 on his life. Yes, WORDS MATTER. Every word. Even those locker room words behind closed doors that we don’t think anyone else can hear. From your mouth to the words tapped out on social media and in exts, they’re your words and your responsibility. Don’t be messy with your words, be responsible with them.

Second, don’t be a joiner. Nothing wrong with wanting to be PART OF. We all want to belong so we can experience the good vibes of bromance, brotherhood, and buds for life.  It’s kind of like passing a joint. You either inhale because it makes you feel good and you enjoy it, or you decline because taking a toke, just isn’t your thing. The big boy difference is when you get passed the joint and you cave under pressure to take that toke, just because you feel you must. Every frickin day of your life you’re going to be faced with BE A JOINER in some fashion. Guess what, if you haven’t learned it by now, YOU CHOOSE! It’s all up to you to be a joiner or not. The sooner you own that power, the more successful you’ll be in college/university and beyond!

Finally, stop giving a shit! Seriously! That’s my advice is to quit giving a shit? Yes. We’ve become men that give a shit about way too much. Actually, we’ve become men that give a shit about way too much of the wrong things, instead of the right things. If your stressed, you’re probably giving time to, too much of the wrong thing and not enough to the right thing. Hating your major? Maybe you gave to much shit to what you thought would make you wealthy and successful instead of what would make you happy. Tired of wham bam thank you ma’am? Could be the pursuit getting laid is getting in the way of getting LOVE. We’ve only touched the surface, yet when you STOP, and ask yourself, “Why do I give a shit about this?” you more than likely will realize that you are giving too much to shit that doesn’t matter, and not enough to shit that does matter.

Ironically, once you manage your words, choose to do things because they matter to you, and start giving a right shit, you’ll find that life after higher education, will really make you the man you want to be, because you’re being the man you are, not some version of the man you’re not.

Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

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