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40 Plus
Men's Chat's

Your once a month virtual place to get clarity, build confidence,
and to get in action about the thing you most want to do...
without the bullshit!

Imagine a group of guys. A circle of men who listen to you, and get you beyond your words. Every guy is in tune with you and you with them. They see you for who you are, accept that, and challenge you to DUMP YOUR BULLSHIT!


Join a group of guys who want you to KICK LIFE IN THE BALLS and they are going to HOLD YOU TO YOUR COMMITMENTS, AND YOU TO THEIRS!  Our 40 PLUS MEN'S CHATS are all about keeping each other focused on our desires, goals, and wildest dreams. Always moving you forward, no room for backing down.


These guys, like you, are tired of being stuck and not doing SHIT about the thing they MOST WANT TO DO.


  • Hating your career? - Figure out how to dump your dead-end job
  • Stuck in a relationship that is fizzling? - Dump it with dignity or fix it
  • Tired of struggling with money issues? - Break your cycle of bullshit money beliefs
  • Feeling like everyone else is living their dreams except you? - Get clear on your dream and make it happen
  • Lacking confidence in virtually every area of life? - Kick sand in your low self-esteems face


These guys and I, Rick Clemons, your certified coach and facilitator, are here to help you create your F*CK YEAH LIFE.


  • No more status quo living
  • Dump your lame ass excuses
  • Face your bullshit fears
  • Create your f*cking unapologetic life


The 40 Plus Men's Chats are where real men have real talks about life after 40. Candid, raw, conversations in a safe zone, free of bullshit beliefs that sabotage our lives.


This is a safe space where you can take a chance, experiment, put your courage to the test to put your challenges on the table, and see if this type of self-development works for long term commitment, just a place be with other guys ready to take the chance to kick ass in their lives.


I'm your host, Rick Clemons, and I've worked with hundreds of men to help them dump their excuses, face their fears, and live unapologetic bullshit free lives. I do it with candor, integrity, and with your best interest in mind.


I promise you this...


  • You'll gain clarity
  • You'll build confidence
  • You'll be seen and heard
  • You'll find solutions
  • You'll build a circle of support


No strings, judgments, or drama...if you have the balls to join us!

This is what 40 Plus: Real Men, Real Talk, is all about.
Kicking Life In The Balls and Creating A F*CK Yes Life!
Are you ready to join us?

Here's the details to get you in the circle...

  • We meet the first Tuesday of every month - 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Pacific
  • It is a virtual video chat using Zoom video conferencing.
  • Monthly themes include relationships, money, confidence, self-worth, etc.
  • Each call a couple of men will be able to be the focus to work on a challenge
  • The calls are limited to 20 participants per call so sign-up early.
  • To register, use the calendar below.

Register and join us for these upcoming dates!