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096: More To Life and Work After Coming Out Late In Life – Peter McGuire

Married, two kids, an interracial relationship, and a jetting setting high flyer for a major technology company. Oh, and BTW, he’s gay. He came out late in life. And he couldn’t be happier. The key is how you get here with dignity and respect and continue to get that type of respect in the workplace, regardless of your sexuality. Meet Peter McGuire.

Unapologetic about who he is, Peter shares his journey in a very candid manner that helps you see, you too an come out late in life and still have a very wonderful life.

About Peter

Peter McGuire has had a successful career as both an Entrepreneur and a Corporate Executive in Real Estate and Technology.  In 2015 he came out as LGBTQ+ and has embarked on helping other latecomers adjust and maneuver in the Corporate America. He was featured panelist on the Verizon 2019 Pride Celebration in NYC

Peter currently is developing a series of Podcasts for Late comers to the community and how to prosper as a LGBTQ+ in the Corporate World.

Peter has two children, Will and Tess and is in a Domestic partnership with Musician and Choreographer Ahmad Ratliff

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