121: Gay GHOSTING is Not Pretty on you – Rick Clemons

No one, and I do mean, NO ONE, wants to be GHOSTED! It’s immature, petty, and proves you can’t be honest with others. And, how do you feel when it’s done to you? Exactly. So it’s time to man up, be honest, and instead of ghosting, be reals! Like the real, real and show a man some respect…or anyone for that matter. Here’s the lessons on how to dump the ghosting forever!

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Are you a guy who keeps struggling to do that thing? You know the thing you keep telling yourself and others you’re going to do, but never do? Then it’s time to get real and figure out why.

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Break free of fears. Make bold moves. Live life without apologies

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  1. Robert Descault on 05/23/2021 at 11:20 AM

    i really wish i could get help around this topic this keeps coming up with me in fact just this week i have three days to handle my response to this issue my personal thought was this happens around the idea of revenge wanting to get even because you feel slighted but after listening i now feel there has to be a better way to handle this issue thanks Rick your the best

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