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5 Simple Questions To Pump Up The Positive Vibe!


Happy Friday Everyone!

There seems to be a lot of negativity floating around these days.
That’s ok. It happens.
Especially when there is change and uncertainty.
Yet, it’s all happening for us.
So stay positive. Easier said than done!

Rather than take a bath is victimhood and self-pity,
why not ask yourself these 5 Powerful, Positive Questions…

1. How can I serve others in this moment?

2. What would I rather feel than what I am feeling?

3. How can I practice patience and understanding right now?

4. What can I learn from this experience?

5. Who’s hurting worse than me?

Often our big bold moves that we need to make to shake off negativity
don’t really take that much effort.

They just take asking questions that get us out of the negativity
and into a different thought pattern.

So you see…

It’s simple. Be bold. Ask the right questions.

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