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7 Things You Can Do Without A Man!

why i need a man

Before I get on a roll, I will admit I am happily partnered to a great guy for almost 13 years! Now you can say it – “God bless you my child!” Yes, two men living together can be a challenge, a joy, a stinky mess at times, and above all else…a great life. Nevertheless, I would be lying if I said every day’s a holiday. So I won’t! In fact I am going to be brutally honest and share 7 Things You – YES YOU – Can Do Without A Man, and still lead a happy, productive, successful life as a gay man.

  1. Sleep peacefully. You can take up the whole bed and never worry about nudging him away from you in the middle of the night only to be met with a grunt and a fart!
  2. Freedom is bliss and loneliness is hell. Bull#$%*! You don’t have to experience loneliness just because you don’t have a man. Loneliness is a feeling that is created from a thought.
  3. Chart your own course without him navigating it. Admit it. We guys don’t like to ask for directions but we sure love giving them. Often in the “wrong” relationships, the “wrong” comes from being told exactly what to do, when to do it, and of course how to do it. Without a man…you have the frickin joy of figuring it all out on your own!
  4. Be friendly your way. Whether you’re gay or straight, there’s almost always a possibility, that your man may not like your friends. There’s also a possibility that you may want to have “friends with benefits” while being with your man and he won’t. Avoid the whole mess by staying single, see and be with your friends all you want and eat at the buffet table of friends with benefits. Just remember, if there ain’t no man at home, their ain’t no one to comfort you when the pains of friends overwhelm ya!
  5. Go Gahndi whenever you like! Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in the power of meditation, being present, vibrating at a higher level, and pushing myself to grow (different than stroking myself to grow)! Yet, one of the things that often comes between couples is one is evolving and growing at a different rate than the other (and not just under the sheets)! If you’re spiritual path is guiding you towards higher awareness, be aware, highly aware, that you need to find a man of like caliber or you could fail.
  6. Take the kids for ice cream. Even if you don’t think you have that parental instinct, the bitch can come and slap upside the head at a moments notice. And, if you’re sweet husband, boyfriend, partner isn’t into kids, a) the idea of creating a family is out of the question, b) being around the nieces and nephews is a once a year event, and c) what other things might he not be into caring for…like you! If you’re single and you love being “The Best Uncle Ever,” or are getting a hankering to be a Father, then no man at hand might, not guaranteeing it, might make it easier.
  7. Get to know yourself. This one is a double-edged sword. You can learn a lot about yourself living alone, and you can learn a lot about yourself living with someone else. However, if you don’t know yourself pretty well before you live alone, you probably won’t be living with someone else for too long. Know yourself so you’re better capable to be yourself with someone else.

OK girls, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of things you can without a man. Gotta run go make dinner for mine! (p.s. you can also just cook for one vs. two – that’s a bonus tip for ya!)

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