All Dressed Up…And Alone!


Ever been stood up? Or, gone to a party only to find every one’s connected to someone but you? Even better yet, heard through the grape vine that your group, or what you thought was your group were planing an outing, and suddenly you found yourself all dressed up in your pretty little white dress, standing in the field all alone. Sucks doesn’t it! But why? Why does it suck?

Every day I talk with gay men about their “empty nest syndrome.” Sometimes their emptiness is self-induced, and yet in other cases it came about completely out of their control. So let’s face it men, be honest, none of us really likes to be alone. Ok, yes we appreciate the quite time, my time, free time, jerk off time, whatever you want to call it. Yet, when it comes right down to it, and along about the age of 30, 40, 45, sometimes even 28, we suddenly feel anxious and adrift because we can’t seem to do the alone or the together.

Well sugah! Make up ya mind. Do you want to be with someone or standing in the field letting that little lacy white dress of yours blow in the wind! Ya see the problem usually stems from our inability to be accepting of ourselves first. Oh yes I did just put it in our face. If you aren’t going to love and accept yourself for who you are, then why should anyone else see it in ya? And, why should they waste their precious time. After all, they’re probably trying to fit in time between the gym, the bar, Grindr, Scruff, and being fabulous to make from for loving and accepting themselves too.

Bottom line is this! If you don’t put the effort into you, no one else is going to put it into you either…no pun intended. So here’s three simple steps to get ya started! Finish each statement and just keep writing them over and over until you get writers cramp. Just make sure you don’t send me the bill for your carpal tunnel. After all, you didn’t pay me for this advice…but you could – click here to learn how!

  1. I like myself because…(fill in the blank)
  2. I love myself becuase…(fill in the blank)
  3. I don’t like being alone because…(fill in the blank)
  4. I like being alone because…(fill in the blank)

Once you’re done, it’s likely you’ll find some very compelling insights to yourself you may not have seen before. Now that they’re out on the table, ask yourself this, “How can I use these new insights to bring something new into my life this week or this month!”

When you’re finished, and if you feel so compelled, schedule a chit chat with me for free, and let’s go over what you discovered. 30 minutes is all it takes and it don’t cost ya a thing. Again, Click Here to schedule a chat.

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