At The Core Is Self Love!


Here’s the thing. A large percentage of society the hardest time dealing with themselves and others for two reasons: self-love and self-acceptance. I even proved it with an impromptu Facebook Question Poll. Even with the small pool of responses (8 to be exact), 75% of the respondents answered that self-love and self-acceptance were the hardest part of being truly who they want to be.

So let’s explore!

If this is true, that 75% of individuals need more self-love and self-acceptance then what needs to shift? What has to happen to our thoughts in order to begin the process of being more accepting and loving of self?

Try the shift!

What if it were as easy as just giving yourself the right kind of self-care to start with? For instance, waking up in the morning and in those still quiet moments before rising out of bed you say to yourself, “I’m worth loving and being loved!” Just the shift in thought will heighten the experience in a positive way of being in the day, from that moment forward. But you’ve got to say it like you believe it. And with practice, it will be come easier.

You’re 7-day challenge!

Doesn’t matter if your short, tall; skinny, fat; gay, straight; old, young; this little shift in being with yourself can be really easy. So here’s the 7-day challenge.

Before you get out of bed, say the following either out loud or in your head (don’t want your bed mate, if you have one, to think your crazy):

I am loved, loving, and completely deserving of being accepted just as I am.

That’s it! Have a great 7-day challenge.

[Photo: Flickr Member Stuart Pilbrow, licensed for use under Creative Commons license Attribution 2.0 Generic]

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