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Authenticity…A New York State Of Mind!


I happen to be in New York City today. Loving the sensory overload and love watching people. What I’m noticing is a lot of the people are truly just being who they’re. Whether they’re a skateboarder holding onto the handle of a taxi flying down 24th street, or a doorman saying hello to everyone as they pass him by on Lexington Avenue, there’s a genuine authenticity to being a New Yorker! And why is that?

I think it’s because, New Yorkers are just who they are, no apologies, no regrets! Hmmm! So what’s the lesson to be learned here? For me, just love who you are, where you are, regardless of the other 7 million people, jostling and passing you by!  And, if you can make it here being authentic and genuine, then you can make it anywhere!

Ok, now I gotta go get back in the hustle and bustle and see if I can get some more genuine authenticity rubbing off on me!

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 and Flicker User DaemonSquire!

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