Believe Me…Self-Doubt Is All BS!

I don’t believe in self-doubt.

Wait, that’s not true. I used to believe in self-doubt.

Then I went to a conference where they had some Kool-aid that I drank, and it washed all the self-doubt away.

Yep, it was that simple! Well not quite.

First, I didn’t go to some walk on hot coals, hold a rattlesnake in your hands, eat live mice, and stare into a crystal ball type experience, to rid myself of self-doubt. I found a much easier, yet more challenging way to kick the self-doubting to the curb on trash day.

I quit buying into others doubts about me and what I was and wasn’t capable of or supposed to be doing.

I closed the checkbook, credit cards, and second guessing accounts so that I could clearly see my own confidence was masked by the doubts of others I’d been buying into for years.

That’s it!

Of course every so often, others doubts try to take me for a ride, but now I just say, “Sorry I’m catching an Uber ride to self-confidence instead!”

Bye-bye self-doubts, hello beautiful self-confidence.


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