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Writing about what it takes to
break free of fears, make bold moves,
and to live life without apologies.


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Man Up Minute: The Happy Negative Experiment

Ok, gay guys. This one only takes a minute, like all the “Man Up Minutes” do. However, this experiment will be something you can use each and every day of yoru gay life. C’mon, try watcht the video, and try it. What have you got to lose? Hey! I’m Rick Clemons and I’m known as…

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Gay Men Start One Way & End Up Another! That's A Ok!

I call it the life long detour. Other’s call it people not staying the course. No matter how you look at it, all of start off one way and end up another. So why is it so hard for us to accept that about other people? Even better, why is it so hard for us…

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Three Lists That Make You Appreciate Your Gay Self!

Sometimes we forget all the great things we are as gay men. This exercise is designed to help you focus on your gifts as a gay man and start using them to build your confidence and love for yourself.

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Man Up Minute: Better Gay First Dates!

First dates are tricky, fun, enjoyable and can also make you a blithering idiot! Let’s change that! No more jittery gay first dates! Just watch the video, take some notes, and come back and tell me how your next gay first date goes!

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Man Up Minute: Let's Talk Rejection Gay Men!

Rejection. Yuck, ick, none of us like it. There’s not a gay man alive who says they love to be rejected. And if they say they do, they’re bluffing. However, some of that rejection comes from somewhere rather than other people. You just might be surprised how we gay men self-induce rejection!

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Man Up Minute: How To Be A Happier Gay Man!

Please, please, please do not watch this video unless you want to be a happier gay man. Don’t do it! Seriously, don’t we all want to be a little happier? Then go ahead. Watch this video and see what might make you a happier gay man starting today!

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Man Up Minute: One Step To More Confidence

If you could be more confident, how would that make you feel? Think about it. More confident at work, on dates, in bed, at the gym. Having more confidence improves evern aspect of you gay life. Here’s one simple tip to get you headed in the right direction.

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Man Up Minute: How To Have Better Sex Now!

Sex is one of those tricky subjects, even for us gay men. So here’s just a few tips to help you when you need to talk about how to make your sex life better with your man! C’mon, you know you want to have better sex!

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Man Up Minute: How To Know Something's Up With Your Man!

You feel it. Not quite sure what it is. But you as a gay man just know something’s up with your boyfriend, partner, husband, and you just can’t quite figure out what it is. Here’s three tips that might help you out. And if nothing else does, go have a nice communicative chat with him…

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Man Up Minute: Getting Past Your Fears As A Gay Man!

The only thing that makes a fear come alive in your life as a gay man, is you! Your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors that bring that fear to life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s some advice to stop the fear making machine!

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Chris Brogan

CEO Owner Media Group

Rick Clemons is the kind of guy you want to open up with. He’s smart, compassionate, and great at pulling the best story out of a guest for the benefit of the community he serves.


Meridith Elliott Powell

Business Keynote Speaker
& Business Growth Expert

Visionary, creative and cutting-edge, Rick is a true game-changer. His message is original, different, and a complete paradigm shift on obstacles and challenges. But more importantly the power of his delivery inspires audiences to take action! If you're looking for a new type of keynote speaker, someone with a unique story and innovative message, Rick is all of that and so much more!


John Janstch

Ducttape Marketing

Rick speaks with such honesty and emotion that his message is felt as well as heard.


Don Fuller
Orange County PFLAG Speakers Bureau

"Be prepared; Clemons does not suffer fakers and he is merciless with hypocrisy. He has no time for pity. He just says find your Truth and your peace, be good to yourself and those you love, and get on with your life."

Chris Brogan
CEO, Owner Media Group -

"Rick Clemons is the kind of guy you want to open up with. He’s smart, compassionate, and great at pulling the best story out of a guest for the benefit of the community he serves."

Grant Baldwin

"Rick is a giant teddy bear. He may look rough and tough, but he’s extremely compassionate, genuine and has a huge desire to help people make bold moves in their lives."

Jessica Pettitt
Good Enough Now

There are a lot of speakers out there that can talk about these issues.  Rick provides a space for real conversation, connection, and a sense of calm that allows for relationships and change to develop and take hold towards something better together.  His experience paired with his calming energy and good sense of humor separates him from the pack.