Blowing Yourself More Than You Get Blown!


Don’t get excited by the picture, and don’t ask me where you can find that corner. I won’t tell you. What I will tell you is I love you my gay brother, more than you’ll ever know, even though we’ve never met. Because that’s the way I feel, I know I can shoot straight with you (don’t worry,not going to make you straight).

You’re blowing yourself way more than you’re getting blown!

Yep, and the same goes for me, and everyone else on the planet. We’re giving ourselves blow jobs with every thought we have that we buy into. “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t make enough money,” “He’ll never go out with me,” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Or should I say, BLOW, BLOW, BLOW!

Suck it up and quit listening to those thoughts that bring you down and that actually make you believe you’re not good enough! Here’s a short list of words that give you the best blow jobs, and that don’t lead to a mind blowing orgasm:

  • Should
  • Must
  • Have
  • Can’t
  • Won’t
  • Could
  • Might
  • Maybe
  • Don’t know
  • Never
  • Impossible
  • Not
  • Unsure

I bet not one of those words made you hard and horny. And they never will empower you either. Try taking one of those words and making yourself feel good. You can, but those words lead to more negative thoughts, than positive thoughts.

Got it? Of course you do because you’re tired of blowing yourself and not getting off! What kind of fun is that?

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