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351: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Transgender Discrimination For No Cause

have fun, be creative

Let’s be clear. Transgender discrimination is discrimination, plain and simple. Lacking kindness, empathy, compassion is what Transgender discrimination represents. Those three human characteristics are all that is needed to treat people with dignity, respect, and understanding. Yet, with the newly supported Transgender Military Ban upheld by the supreme court, we’ve entered an era of lost…

341: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Own It & Show Up!

have fun, be creative

Toxic people don’t take a break at the holidays. In fact the own their toxicity and show up when you least expect it and need it. In fact, that’s part of the triggering and wake up call for us to own our IT, and to show up fully being ourselves. After another out of the…

339: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – The Other Side Of Vulnerability

have fun, be creative

Vulnerability. Everyone seems to be talking about it these days. Or maybe it’s just the circles I run in. The truth is, vulnerability is a gift. However, many people are scared to death of vulnerability, and for some, rightfully so. What I’ve learned, and what I’m sharing is that vulnerability can be many things, and…