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247: Bold Enough To Leave It All Behind – Dr. Karen Jacobson

We’ve all left something behind. Yet, it takes some nerve, grit and determination to pack up, move across country, start a brand new Chiropractic Practice all in the aftermath of a car accident and while living on disability. Then, it takes even more nerve and determination to walk away from a 24 year career to…

245: Jail or A Closet…You Choose – Trish Jenkins

Prison was not on the “goal chart” of entrepreneur Trish Jenkins. Conned by a fraud and a breach of the Corporations Act meant losing her multi-million-dollar portfolio, including her family home. Living with murderers, drug dealers, frauds and broken humanity, she lived among Queensland’s most dangerous criminals. Isolated from her husband and three little girls,…

242: The True Essence Of Birthdays – Rick Clemons

This is a short riff and rant that is brought to you by my youngest daughter. Well honestly by my youngest daughter’s birthday. It’s simply my thoughts on what the true essence of a birthday is all about and how it helps you live a bold, life uncloseted…if you allow yourself to. Website Twitter Facebook