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Checklists, To Do Lists, and Getting Things Done Are For The Birds!

I’m rebelling. Not to uncommon for me. Just ask my parents. They still see me as a rebel because I’m gay, married to a man, not attending their church of choice, etc. It’s ok.

Being heterosexual, married to a woman, attending their church are all on their checklists, to do lists, and ways of getting things done for themselves. Amen, and hallelujah. If that works for them than more power to you Mom and Dad. Be true to yourselves because God knows I am.

I’m being true to myself by rebelling. Daily I’m looking at my To Do Lists and asking the question, “Who am I doing this for? Why am i doing it? and How does it serve me?” Here’s the answers I’ve gotten…

  1. If it’s purely for pleasing someone else, it’s coming off the list
  2. If it’s to feed my ego, it’s outta here
  3. If it’s going against my values, it’s gotta go sooner rather than later
  4. If it’s being done to avoid what I should be doing, it needs to stop
  5. If it’s on the list just to have a list, it’s time to get more productive

Don’t get me wrong, checklists, to do lists, getting things done serve a purpose. The question that we each need to answer for ourselves is “What is that purpose?”

In other words, when you check things off your checklists, when you create your to do lists, and when you get things done, do it with purpose…it will make a whole lot more sense for you and your happiness quotient!

For me, my happiness quotient means I’m at peace, doing what I love, hopefully making the planet a better place to live.

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