Come Out, Be You, Just Don't Be An Ass About It!

The Ass's Ass

If you’re not gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual, you’re still welcome to read this.

Just because the first words are “Come Out,” doesn’t mean you have to say, “Screw you, I’m out of here!”

In fact, that’s one of the biggest conflicts that arise when someone COMES OUT! One of two things often happens…

a) The recipient of the news can’t handle the truth of someone coming out and they say, “F#@$* You,” and leave the relationship


b) The person delivering the news, can’t handle the fact that the person they just told can’t accept them and they in turn, say, “F#@$* You,” and leave the relationship!

Either way, it’s a lose, lose scenario. Great relationships get shattered. So now let’s take it out of the context of COMING OUT about sexuality. Have you ever said “F#@$* You,” because someone comes out and…

  • Disagrees with your values
  • Can’t accept your religious beliefs
  • Chooses to leave a relationship that you think is perfect for them
  • Becomes a exercise and healthy living fanatic
  • Decides that they are not going to treat their terminal illness the way you would

This list could go on, and on, on. Everyone is COMING OUT of something and has the right to COME OUT of it in their own way that works for them. That being said, you also have the right to COME OUT and have your own opinion about what they are COMING OUT about.

Yet in the grand landscape of life, maybe their COMING OUT, is simply a message for you to learn to be more embracing, accepting, and non-judgmental. Of course it could also be the soap in the mouth to teach you to stop saying, “F#@$* You.”

So what if the next time someone COMES OUT to you and you just said, even silently in your own mind, “Today I choose to listen, and not react!” Maybe that would make for a really, really, good weekend.

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