Stage 3
Coming Out To Live Your
Best Authentic Gay/Bisexual Life

no excuses, no fears, no apologies

You're crystal clear about your sexuality, but you’re still feeling
confused and scared about this whole “coming out” thing.

You know you are worth living a life that is meant for the real you. Not the ‘straight male’ persona you’re showing to the world for their sake. 


It’s time to start living for yourself and STOP living for other people. No matter how much you might love some of these people, you’re ready to come out of the closet.


Because you now KNOW that a life full of apologies and lies is a life wasted. But you need the best way to do so with the least amount of “collateral damage”...


Because let’s face it - This sh*t isn’t easy. But nothing worth your time and energy ever is.


Stage 3 of this Coming Out Coaching Program: Living Your Best Authentic Gay/Bisexual Life, is not only about doing the brave thing of coming out to your loved ones, but also to yourself


This coaching program is about making sure you have come to terms with who you really are so that you


  • Stop feeling guilty.
  • Stop feeling ashamed of liking other men.
  • Stop doubting yourself and going back and forth on answering the simple question, “Am I really gay, or is this just a phase?
  • Stop feeling guilty for wanting to or having hooked up with other men even though you have a girlfriend or you’re married.
  • Stop living in despair that things aren’t to get any better if you come out, but that they’ll get worse.


If you are still stuck in any of these feelings, I invite you to check out my other two programs on Stage 1: Identifying My Sexuality or Stage 2: Coming to Terms with my Sexuality (Deciding if Coming Out is For Me).

You're ready and you no longer want to wait.
The time has come to come out!

Yes, you find yourself excited and fearful. But you know keeping the truth of who you are hidden is no longer the key to finding long lasting peace of mind. In fact if you keep hiding, the vicious cycle of self-loathing will eat you alive, so let's get on with this.


But how? It's simple, but it will take some work to create a coming out plan that...


  • Aligns with your own personal values
  • Builds a support network you can rely upon
  • Reduces the negative impact on your life as much as possible
  • Focuses on a self-care plan - emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • Goes beyond your initial coming out as you step into your life as a gay or bisexual man
  • Addresses your greatest concerns and how to navigate around and through them

You're ready to own, live, and be your truth - a gay/bisexual man loving your life!

What you have, in our work is the space you need to relax, think clearly, in a no-pressure environment that gives you the freedom to explore your next most powerful steps for being authentically who you are in your sexuality.


Together we will create a working space that enables you to weigh the pros and cons as we create your coming out plan so that you can build confidence and courage to step forward, regardless of the challenges ahead.


The goal is to...


  • Provide you a clear cut plan that you can follow
  • Keep you focused on the outcome, not the challenges
  • Empower you with self-love, self-worth, and peace of mind
  • Prepare you to improvise, knowing that the unknown is ahead, but the rewards are worth it


I'm your, "first-hand experience" strategist who has trained for, and guided over a thousand people successfully through their “coming out” journeys. Step-by-step, challenge-by-challenge, to live their truth and be themselves.


But how do you know if I’m the right person for you to do this with?

I didn't just live this experience.
I live for this work and am passionate about helping you live your unapologetic gay/bisexual life!

I know, the scary feeling of making the coming out move,
and the peace of living on the other side.

I’m not going to bullsh*t you. This isn't going to be easy. It also doesn't have to be a suffering contest.  


I've taken my my hard learned coming out lessons, added my skills as a certified coach, and now I’m on the mission to guide gay and bisexual men come out with dignity and respect for themselves and others - no excuses, no fears, no apologies!


I've found coaching is my jam, my joy, my way to have impact in the world, and I love watching brave gay and bisexual men step into their truth and come alive - even through the pain.


With over 10,000 hours of coaching under my belt, I'll meet you in your determination to come out, provide you with practical, results-producing experiences, all the while focusing on your unique needs to come out on your terms


This is the stage you've been working towards. Where freedom to be you is within reach, and your desire to live authentically is alive and burning bright. Your next steps are the critical steps to bring this journey as full circle as possible so that the unapologetic life you deserve to live can be lived with beautiful vengeance.

Together we will release you, to be authentically you,
no longer constrained to living in the closet.

The truth of who I was became far more powerful than the false truth I was pretending to be, and that's when I came out to live and be my truth.
We're going to make the same happen for you on your terms!

Before I came out, I believed I couldn't because I had a wife and two beautiful daughters. My youngest was 9 months old. My oldest, a 3 ½-year-old toddler. The hooking up on the DL wasn’t an issue for me in the moment, but it was an issue for me in my values and it finally ate me alive, I knew I had to do something


While on a business trip to London, I met a good-looking Brit who sparked up a conversation that lasted 4 hours and ended up in his hotel. That was the night there was no sex, I fell in love, and I feel apart...and two days later I came out of the closet to my wife. 


The sun was brighter. The thoughts I had were clearer. The gait in my step was so powerful. But the real work of settling into my truth had just begun. 


  • How do I fit into gay culture?
  • Will ever have enough money to run two households?
  • What if my soon to be ex-wife won't let me be a part of my kids life?
  • Will I lose my job if I'm out at work?
  • What if I don't find love with a man?


I was a mess, but a determined mess to take this risk I'd taken and lean into it fully - no excuses, no fears, no apologies. 


Sure, my ex-wife and I had many issues and conflicts during the process of me coming out, getting divorced, and adjusting to both of us being single parents. It took years for our family to reach the calm I craved when I came out to my ex-wife. But at the end of the day, the truth comes down to, “What is good for YOU? What’s gonna make you the best possible person you can be in your own life?”


Instead of wallowing in self-pity and conflict, I started focusing on what was possible and and literally exercising my "if/then" thoughts on a daily basis. Navigating through and around the potholes of being a single gay man, gay dad, and ex-husband. Constantly reminding myself, I'm worth it!  


In this 6-step process I take you through to build your coming out plan, execute it, and live your life on the other side of the closet door, you will become confident, empowered, and at peace being the gay man you have always been.


You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to stop living a lie, be authentically who you are - 100% yourself. 


You're at the stage where it's no longer about "Should I come out?" It's when do I come out? You're standing at the door ready to walk through it - you just need a wingman to help you make it happen on your terms.  


With this realization, we'll design your coming out plan tailored to your particular needs and desires - not some one-size-fits all approach. I take pride in seeing you, your situation, and your needs as uniquely yours and crafting that plan that gives you the confidence to make your coming out move - your way. 


MY GOAL: give you the peace of mind and self-confidence that only comes from loving yourself in your sexual identity so that you come out with dignity and respect for yourself and others. 


I've learned that when you respect yourself through this process, and respect others - even if they become nasty - you will thrive and continue to love yourself into being the best version of a gay/biseuxal man that you can be - no more need for guilt, shame, and apologies. 

Let's build your plan, put it into action,
and get you living your gay/bisexual life to the fullest!

"Coming Out To Live Your Best Authentic Gay/Bisexual Life" Coaching

It's time to leave the closet of self-hatred and fear behind, and to step into you authentically being who you are - a confident gay/bisexual man.


And this is what Coming Out Stage 3: Coming Out To Live Your Best Authentic Gay/Bisexual LIfe Coaching is all about. Accepting yourself, loving yourself, and living your true self in the world - on your terms. 


Together we determine the best coming out plan for you and the people most important to you in your life. Without judgment or fear we explore all your options, building a plan based on love and respect.


You'll work with me as your coach, someone who has not only been trained to coach you, but who also has a breadth of experience taking gay, bisexual, and questioning men on the difficult journey of deciding the best "coming out steps" to take, given their unique situation.


In this coaching program, you will have access to the following:


  • A safe, supportive, mentor relationship where you can express your fears and feelings without judgment.
  • A safe space where your desires are not only explored but validated, because yes, it is, in fact, normal to to want to create a life with another man.
  • A coaching relationship where we take action, after brainstorming your next best steps.
  • A plan that goes beyond coming out, that supports you to be your most authentic self in the world as a gay/bisexual man


I take a holistic approach to support you as you step through the closet door. It's just about your sexuality, it's about your whole life - emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, socially, and even in your work. Nothing gets left untouched in this program.

Jeff H.

I felt like my life was on cruise control. Moving, but no real fulfilling direction. I was a little fearful about looking deep into my life to see why I was stuck, but the thought of continuing to be stuck was worse. Rick’s provided me with powerful insights and tools to rid myself of my victim mentality. I’m extremely excited that things are looking pretty damn good!

Jacob M.

Throughout the 18 months I have worked with Rick, I have developed a genuine, strong, overwhelming love for myself. I no longer have an inner fight going on. I am aware of my thoughts, my actions, my choices, and the energy I put into the world. Now I am a MAN, a GAY man, who can stand up and love himself regardless of who is in the room.

Randy B.

Rick is extremely supportive, full of love and helps you tackle and overcome obstacles in an honest and straightforward fashion. Sometimes we need someone on the outside to guide us through the process and keep us on track to reach our goals. I always feel comfortable talking with Rick, and can tell he is truly listening, cares about what I am saying and wants me to succeed

Brain G.

When I first contacted Rick to begin coaching sessions, I was going through the greatest crisis of my entire life… I had finally come to terms with the fact that I am gay. Rick was a tremendous support for me at that time, thoughtfully walking me through the process of understanding myself and eventually coming out to my family and friends.
Rick’s approach to coaching made all the difference. He never directed me to do anything. He never gave me a recipe for how to live my life. He simply asked questions that allowed me to make my own decisions and to chart my own path.
It’s been two years since I began work with Rick and I have to say, my life is completely transformed. My crisis is in the past and I have reached a place where I am profoundly happy. My relationships with my family and friends are wonderful. I am at peace with myself and I feel like I have a new direction in my life.
Whatever your issues: whether they be coming out, or transitioning to a new phase of life, I highly recommend Rick and his tremendous life coaching abilities.

Jump through that closet door and show up for yourself.

Our 3 - 6 month, coaching relationship is an investment that includes:

  • Weekly video 1 hour, private intimate, sessions


  • An initial "what that heck's not working" assessment with specific steps start the forward momentum


  • Weekly action assignments to help you navigate the journey with dignity and respect for yourself and others!


  • Straight-forward tools that put you on track for identifying your sexuality


  • Access to me via email, text, or Voxer


  • A fluid action plan that morphs depending on your needs 


  • Results that YOU DEFINE that WE BOTH MAKE HAPPEN, and that FIT YOUR LIFE


Why 3-6 months, you might ask? Because in all my years of experience as a gay/bisexual men’s coach,I've learned it takes a minimum of 3 months and usually no more than six months to help you get through on on the other side of the closet door. 


In that 3-6 month period, we'll focus on what is important for you as a newly out gay/biseuxal man, ensuring that you continue to build confidence, and navigate your world filled with self-love and respect.


This is why I need a minimum 3-month commitment from you. Because in no less than 3 months of coaching with me, I want you to experience:


  • Freedom that comes when you're true to yourself. 
  • Inner peace and confidence when you’ve finally stepped out of the closet.  
  • Pride in being a gay/bisexual man, father, partner, husband, ex-husband, son, brother, leader - whatever roles you fill in your life. 
  • A sh*t ton of weight lifted off your shoulders as you own, “I am a gay/bi man, and I’m more than happy with my coming out decision!”
  • The release of self-hatred and warmth of self-love - maybe for the first time in your life
  • No longer living in fear of being caught because you no longer have to hide who you are - you're living out and proud

Your Investment

3-month package:

$2400 or 3 monthly installments of $800

6-month package:

$4200 or 6 monthly installments of $700

12-month package:

$7200 or 12 monthly installments of $600

In this 3 - 6 month period we will constantly be working towards creating your best authentic gay/bisexual life - as you come out of the closet and beyond. The whole point of the program is to:


  • Give you clarity in your heart, mind, and soul as you embrace life as a gay/bisexual man.


  • Have an effective working plan with specific steps guide you on a daily basis and you shift and grow in the world being who you are meant to be.


You deserve this plan for coming out, and you deserve what this program can do to help support you in living your most authentic truth as yourself.