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Men's Coming
Out Chats

If you're ready for a safe, virtual space to ask
questions and chat about your coming out journey,
you've come to the right place.


Men's Coming Out Chats are about you and your journey to come out of the closet. From feeling confused about your sexuality, to finally saying the words, "I'm Gay," and moving into to being an out gay man, this is a space where you can feel free to ask questions, get answers, and be in no judgment zone.


Join a group of guys, just like you, who have a pretty good idea of who they are - GAY MEN - but who are struggling to find the path to living their truth.


Guys who are invited to participate in these calls...


  • Are tired of struggling with their sexuality - ready to live their truth
  • Have been in or are currently in heterosexual relationships - and feel they are risking it all to come out
  • May be trying to reconcile their faith and their sexuality - knowing that they can't move forward without peace of mind
  • Afraid of losing everything if they take the risk to come out - but are willing to explore the possibilities
  • Fear they won't fit in with the LGBTQ community - and are afraid they will be shunned in their heterosexual community


These guys and I, Rick Clemons, your certified coach and facilitator, are here to help you create your GAY LIFE, YOUR WAY!


  • Feel confident and secure in your sexuality
  • Choose to be gay on your terms, not others
  • Discover how to come out with dignity and respect
  • Learn how to dump guilt, shame, and fear for being a gay man
  • Navigate hook-ups, dating, man sex, monogamy, open relationships


The Men's Coming Out Chats are designed to give you the support, guidance, and community to dump the bullshit beliefs that hold you in the closet.


This is a safe space where you can take a chance, experiment, put your courage to the test and your challenges on the table, as you navigate through your coming out journey.


I'm your host, Rick Clemons, and I've worked with hundreds of men to help them dump their excuses, face their fears, and live unapologetic bullshit free lives on the other side of the closet doors. I do it with candor, integrity, and with your best interest in mind.


I promise you this...


  • You'll gain clarity
  • You'll build confidence
  • You'll be seen and heard
  • You'll find solutions
  • You'll build a circle of support


No strings, judgments, or drama...only caring support!

This is what the Men's Coming Out Chats are all about.
Coming out with dignity and respect, YOUR WAY!
Are you ready to join us?

Here's the details for participating on the calls...

  • We meet every other Thursday - 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Pacific
  • It is a virtual video chat using Zoom video conferencing.
  • Monthly themes include confidence in being gay, discovering your truth, relationships, etc.
  • Each call is an open call to bring up your questions and get support
  • To register, use the calendar below.

Register and join us for these upcoming dates!