Coming Out Without Coming Unglued – Part 3: Let’s Talk About Sex & Safety

It is estimated that over 20,000 LGBTQ minors will be subjected to conversion therapy (reparative therapy) treatments in states where protections do not exist to prevent this cruel and ineffective treatment (Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law).  For those who have endured these practices, an overwhelming majority of them have faced this treatment due to erratic religious beliefs and practices. Fortunately for the music world and the rest of us, Justin Utley, OUTMusic Award winning singer/songwriter, he survived and is thriving beyond the reparative therapy abuse he received.

As we approach National Coming Out Day 2019, I felt it was important to focus on the power of coming out and being yourself, and the negative impact that these practices have on individuals and the world at large. Justin, candidly shares his story and how it has influenced his music and the songs that he has manifested – Survivors and Scars – that shine a bright light on the emotional trauma of conversion/reparative therapy.

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