Depression Hits!


Don’t ask me why but I’m finding it humorous and ironic that I’m depressed. Spent a fantastic weekend looking at UC Santa Cruz with my daughter, her sister, and my partner. We ate and drank well – Lillian’s Italian KitchenCafé BrasilPenny Ice CreameryLittle ShanghaiSones CellarsJustin, and Pithy Little Wine Company. I even got jealous when the soda tasting we bought for our daughters at Pithy included not only gourmet popcorn but also a root beer float, and a free bottle of soda to take home. (The wine was good, but the soda tasting will be on my agenda for the next visit!) Yet, even after a fabulous weekend, and being away from my day-to-day activities, I woke up depressed! And it ain’t the Monday Blues. It’s my reality!

Ha! At least that’s out. Yes, I get depressed. In fact, I take depression meds and I’m not ashamed to say it. It’s what helps keep me balanced. That and a few crunches, cycling, running from time-to-time, and writing. I know what I need to do when I’m feeling depressed and I do it. Now I’m sharing my formula for getting past the Depression Hits!

  1. Admit it. I don’t hide from it, nor do I let false expectations tease me out of it. I just hop on board that little train and take the ride and know that on the other side I will be back to being me – sarcastic, loving, understanding, father, partner, and Life Coach Rick.
  2. Wallow in it. I don’t run from it. I just jump in and let that depression stuff consume me. Why? Because if I don’t, it will last longer. I see it as doing myself and the depression a favor. Kind of like a win/win for both of us.
  3. Share it. No, no, no! I don’t mean like pass it along to someone else. Gez! What kind of a guy would I be? What I mean is, I tell those I trust and who get me, that my little visitor is around so I may be not quite myself for the next few hours or so. I consider those I tell, my inner circle, and they know exactly what to do – let me be, encourage me to do the things I like to do to get me off the depression train, and then they’re just here for support if and when I need it. (Boy howdy! I guess I just opened up that circle with this post!)
  4. Shake it. Even as I’m writing this post I am feeling the shift. It’s starting to move away. Why? Because I am doing one of the things that helps it shift…writing. I believe, and this is only my perspective, that if you can get your depression out of your head and onto paper – journaling, Post It Notes, or even a napkin – then you’re moving it to a place where it can be seen and examined for what it is. Once out it’s easier to deal with. At least that’s my philosophy and I’m sticking with it.

Ok, so now I’m done and ready to get back into life mode. Thanks for letting me be vulnerable, truthful, honest, and for allowing me to share another side of Life Coach Rick. As you can see, even us Life Coaches have our moments too!

[Photo: Flickr Member GloWill, licensed for use under Creative Commons license Attribution 3.0]

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