Discover The Truth Of Confidence.

Thought…Confidence is hard to come by.

New Thought…Confidence comes from living your truth!

That’s all!

Wrong. That’s not all and it’s not that easy, or is it?

One of the things I discovered as I went through the coming out process is that the more I lived my truth, the less stressed I felt and the more confident I became. Sure, there was still stress, but the stress came, not because I was hiding, lying, shaming, and guilting. Stress came because life was in transition.

So what was the one of the keys to de-stressing and pumping up the confidence factor?

Living My Truth!

The more I stepped into my truths, the truths of who I was, the more I discovered the deeper truths of who I really was and the more confident I became. Oh, and surprise, surprise, surprise…the discoveries weren’t’ just about my sexual orientation.

  • I discovered I had belief systems that were mine and mine to own
  • I discovered that speaking my truth was empowering
  • I discovered that not everyone would leave me when I lived my truth
  • I discovered truth is much more powerful than fiction
  • I discovered the Rick that was the true Rick was so much more confident than the false Rick

Simultaneously, the more I lived my truth, the more risks I took. The more risks I took the more confident I became. The more confident I became the more adventures, fun, laughter, joy and happiness I experienced. And, with more truths, risks, and confidence, I also failed more so I could grow, which in turn pumped up the volume on my confidence.

So the moral of this quick little email?

Truth leads to confidence.

Now who doesn’t want more of that…right?

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