Your Complimentary, One-on-One
Discovery Session

Let's get started. Dive right in. Make some bold moves.

For starters, this discovery session is a gift. A gift from me to you. I'm gifting you my time and expertise, to explore with you, why the hell you're doing nothing, so you can start doing something. It's about you finally starting to give yourself permission. Permission to...  

  • Discover a career that's fulfilling, rather than being in one that sucks the life out of you
  • Move towards, or away from a relationship, instead of being heart shy or living daily with heartbreak
  • Design and build your own empire, rather than someone else's
  • Explore your sexuality instead of feeling guilty about your curiosity
  • Uncover what you're passionate about, and how to make room for it in your life

Here's the deal. There's no strings attached, to this Discovery Session - or Permission To Explore Session - as I like to call it. I mean it. No obligation beyond our little chat. Scouts honor even though I was never a Scout.

Your Discovery Session includes...


  • Virtual meet, greet (phone or video conference), to get to know each other
  • Quick, laser-focused exploration as to why you're not doing what you want to do, being who you want to be
  • Plan of action to work together

Here's the calendar to select a time slot that works for you.