Does Sex Really Mean You Own Me?


For whatever reason, gay men seem to be the torchbearers for wild, free, sex in the world. Yet, what if SEX didn’t mean you OWNED someone? Not like you bought them, but this weird notion that, once we have sex, you’re mine?

I find it interesting that we’ve moved to a space in our growth as a human species that we preach freedom and liberation, yet the moment someone – anyone, not just gay men – suggest that SEX shouldn’t be a means of keeping the shackles on someone in a relationship, then suddenly, they’ve broken the golden rule of relationships. Monogamy may rule, but what if freedom to be sexually who you are…not just your sexual orientation…became the BOLD STANDARD? In other words you could have your cake and eat it too without fear of the relationship falling apart? Some call it swinging…I call it being secure in your relationship.

Here’s my thoughts on the subject!

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