Episode 002 Truth-tinis: Coming Out And Owning My Brilliance – Jan Black


A cabin, a river, and a baptism by fire. I never knew when I first met Jan Black that she’d not only help me create a rich, new brand to take my business to new heights, but that she’d also bring me to myself in a whole new way.

It started out as a working retreat, in a cabin, by the river at the base of Mt. Hood Oregon – branding, marketing, writing, visioning, speaking, designing – and then, I started fighting, clamming up, and then blissfully surrendered. Surrendered to the process that Jan was creating. A process that was almost as challenging as coming out. In fact, what I was doing was coming out – again. Coming out to say, this is my party, I going to take my people to the pulpit, help them through the wake, and bring them back to the party. That’s exactly what Jan did for me because I’m one of her little darlings.

Join me as I take you inside the second episode of the Coming Out Lounge’s Truth-tinis, bonus episodes, designed to inspire and drive you further towards your truth of who you are. Jan Black joins me to share how she picked me up and took me under her wings to be one of her Darlings of What Can Be, helping me begin to build what excites me. Jan’s a nurturing mistress branding mastery who guides those of us that are curious, who entertain unconventional solutions, and she inspires us to go after them. As you’ll discover she delivers the know-how, to showcase and spark your brilliance,  so you can be what you can be on the other side of the closet doors – the person you’re meant to be in your life’s calling.

Show Highlights

  • Will you be who you aren’t, will you do what you can’t do? Those are the questions!
  • Discover how to crank up your bliss
  • Understand how to handle in a healthy manner our need to be seen and known
  • Tweetable: As I am, I am, enough in this moment
  • Uncover the beauty of deny and declare

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