Episode 006: Full Yes Living – Divorce + Parenting A Gay Son! – Guest: Marla Gorlick

There’s guilt and shame and then there’s GUILT AND SHAME! And no, we’re not talking about the individual that comes out of the closet (that’s a whole other show)…we’re talking about the parents. Each and every parent has some form of guilt and shame they traverse after hearing their child utter those words, “I’m Gay!” This Mom just happened to simultaneously utter in her head an earth shattering “Oy Vey” as she figuratively fell onto the floor. But there’s more to the proverb and this “Full Yes” Mom than meets the eye.

Marla Gorlick, Certified Professional Coach, mother of three (not all are gay), and a hysterically funny woman, joins The Coming Out Lounge this week as we take a candid and heartfelt look through the lens of “Mom I’m Gay!” Just how do parents cope? What are those thoughts they have that makes them feel responsible? How long should a parent expect to take to come to terms with this earth shattering revelation? These and many more questions as we delve into the rabbit hole of “How did this happen?”

We’ll take a walk down both sides of the fence as Marla and I share the ups and downs of being parent and child “On The Other Side Of The Closet Door.” Heartfelt with a “didn’t see that coming” sense of humor, Marla opens up and shares her experience getting past judgment, feeling responsible, and stepping into a “Full Yes” life of being…well…a Jewish Mother of a Gay Son. On the flip side, I’ll be sharing the feelings, fears and frustrations of “Can you just accept me?”

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