Episode 009: Life In Drag – Live It, Be It, Embrace Who You Are! – Guest: Poppy Fields (Christopher Michael Graham)

It’s a long journey from the woods of Possom Trot Alabama, to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but when your a lady who exudes ease, grace and style, anything’s possible…including a fab career in the entertainment industry. But little did Christopher Michael Graham realize as he ran as fast as he coud from the hills of Alabama in pursuit of fame that his journeys would soon lead him into the loving persona of Poppy Fields.

Along with other forms of fame, fortune and numerous stage roles, Christopher/Poppy has regaled audiences in productions of 42nd Street, Fiddler On The Roof, plus his roles directing and choreographing the likes of Lily Tomlin, Valarie Pettiford, Jane Lanier, Liz Torres, and the fabulous Miss Coco Peru.

As an entertainer, gay man, and drag performer, Christopher will open up and share his insights, trials, and joys of being a gay man/drag performer in society and the LGBT Community. Is there discrimination? What’s it like to always have to be on? Does this life get in the way of finding true love? These and more answers when dynamic duo Christopher Michael Graham and Poppy Fields take center stage in the studios of The Coming Out Lounge. There’s sure to be some tricks up his/her sleeve that will bring out the unexpected.

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