Episode 010: Befriending Grief & Loss. – Guest: Keith Miller

“Human pain is inevitable. Human suffering is optional.” Embracing this mantra as a new truth, can be a challenge. Especially, in the face of a major life crisis – divorce, incurable illness, tragic loss of a friend or family member, receiving a pink slip on our birthday. Regardless of the challenge, it’s the DNA of human nature to be brought to our knees in grief when any form of loss rears it’s ugly head. Standing at these heart wrenching “Y’s” in the road, our thoughts take center stage…

•    “I’ll never get over this!”
•    “I can’t imagine living without (fill in the blank).”
•    “I’m not destined for any type of happiness.”

Grief and loss, when given this type of formidable power, stimulates a permanent, yet false sense, that this is our destiny. Automatic pilot shifts us into despair, hopelessness, and victimhood, until the light of deep acceptance and understanding are given permission to prevail. Enter, Keith Miller, an extraordinary connector and inspiring Grief Coach who masterfully and gently challenges individuals to embrace the gifts they can and will receive through the traumas of life.

A compelling and thought provoking hour of candidly addressing the soulmates of greif and loss awaits you this week on The Coming Out Lounge. If you’re embroiled beyond belief in a tragic loss, or find yourself constantly stepping into a grief stricken state due to a wound from the past, then you won’t want to miss these tips and tools for embracing…

“This is life, life happens this way – it’s nudging you to look at different paths.” – Keith Miller

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