Episode 011: Gay Parent Speak…Exploring Both Sides Of The Gay Parenting Coin! – Guest: Denise LaFrance

Not everyone is meant to be a parent. Nor is everyone meant to be the parent of a LGBT child. However, there’s something unique about those individuals who are LGBT and choose to be parents. It’s a loving, desire against all odds, to push the societal boundaries, and claim your stake to make a difference in the world by being a parent. Whether you come into parenting naturally by “coming out of the closet” from a heterosexual marriage with kids, or make the committed decision to adopt or bring a child into the world through surrogacy, you have made a conscious choice to travel the road less travelled.

The other side of the coin are the parents whose children change their world as they knew it the moment that declare, “Oh by the way, I thought you’d want to know I’m gay/lesbian!” And, it usually doesn’t happen that nonchalantly.

This episode of the Coming Out Lounge, I’m bringing back one of my favorite guests, Denise LaFrance, fellow Coming Out Coach, as we jointly navigate the world of parenting with a twist of LGBT on the side.

•    How do you tell your kids you’re gay/lesbian without upheaval?
•    What steps can you take to overcome your own homophobia as parent of an LGBT child?
•    When faced with societal challenges as a gay parent, how can you protect yourself and your child?
•    How can you balance coming out for self in the best interest of your child?

Authentic, raw, thought-provoking, and real is where The Coming Out Lounge is headed this week. If you’re struggling as a parent of an LGBT child, trying to find yourself in the confusion of “How do I tell my kid I’m gay?,” or challenged by the daily regime of being a gay parent, then you’ve come to a supportive hour for getting your parenting mojo on.

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