Episode 013: Liberate, let go, love yourself…all those lovely parts! – Guest: Bonnie Gayle

There you stand. Looking in the mirror. Muffin top, balding head, creases just beginning to form under the eyes. Or maybe, now that you’re “out of the closet,” you start second-guessing “Am I really prepared to have sexual encounters with someone of the same sex?”
Regardless of the vantage point, the first step is to LIBERATE! Let go, and love yourself just as you are because no one can do it as good as you.

•    Take in all those “blemishes” and hug them
•    Smile at the things that you always say “yuck” too
•    Let go of the beliefs that make you “like a virgin” every time you disrobe

The truth of the matter is, without the ability to step into our bodies, accept deeply who we are from the inside out and outside in, we are just in the closet as much as we were before we came out of the closet…and this isn’t just about being gay or lesbian.

Negative body image, self loathing, and the pain people feel because of it are at an all-time high. Most women (80-90%) and now many men, especially gay men, are consumed, obsessed, and battling their bodies over how they look and what is “wrong” with them. They tell themselves how; ugly, fat, disgusting, horrible, cellulite-ridden, wrinkled, miserable, acne-ridden, lazy, crazy, angry, and sad they are. People are more aware of their flaws then anything they may do well like: being productive, accomplishments, taking the first step, loving, and so on. The pain is progressive and gets worse as time goes on. Until you stop the madness.

Together, with my guest Bonnie Gayle, we’ll be exploring bodies, beauty, sex, love, and being at peace with yourself in a whole new way. You’ll never look at yourself or your body quite the same way again!

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