Episode 014: Truth Beyond Form…What's Your Mind & Body Really Saying? – Guest: Ryan Sallans

If the external shell that defines what you see in the mirror didn’t exist, then who, what, and how would you be? What would you see? How would you experience the world? How would your interactions with others be different? Who would you physically be or desire to be?

Now imagine, through those explorations, you suddenly discover you weren’t meant to be confined in the “human form,” or at least the one you born into. In that moment, or many moments along the journey of your life, you realized what you needed was to be you. Not the physical you that is reflected in the mirror, but instead the spiritual you that stood crying, “Let me come out and play!” Sound familiar? Maybe, but nothing reflects this inner spirit, turmoil, and truly pretending to be something that you’re not, than to be living as a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice versus.

In honor of all those who brave the confusion, fear, and demons of acceptance of being trapped in the body that simply doesn’t fit like a favorite pair of jeans, we honor our Transgender brothers and sisters.

Ryan Sallans, female to male transgender, is going to unravel the “mysteries of transgender acceptance,” this week on The Coming Out Lounge. Smart, witty, and wrapped in a hot new package of masculine sexuality, Ryan has become a National Speaker, Advocate, Inclusion Trainer, and a symbol of truly “living in your truth.”

Caring deeply for those in pain, Ryan utilizes his story, addictions, disorders, and deep compassion to bring a ray of hope to all he encounters. During this weeks show we’ll be going raw and real, taking a deep dive into the truth of finally saying, “Dammit this is me and I’m going to allow my inner rebel to come out and play before its to late.

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