Episode 015: The Effortless Yes To Coming Out. – Guest: Julie Steelman

Imagine feeling fully in yourself. No more hiding, stressing, or feeling scared of being who you are. Now envision, the whole journey of living authentically was simply about “Closing The Sale.” Stepping into that place of really being who you are started with a simple “Sales Job” on yourself so that you could buy into…

  • Loving yourself without any guilt or shame
  • Embracing the reflection in the mirror of your beautiful spirit
  • Accepting your human form and your inner self, just as you are
  • No matter how you look at, life is a series of “sales jobs, and closing the deal.”

Think about it. You’re considering telling someone you are gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual. Prior to the conversation, you craft a “sales pitch,” to get them to accept you. Or, maybe you’re trying to get someone love you just the way you are – gray hair, flabby biceps, muffin top, slightly askew smile – you once again craft a “sales pitch” to get them to buy into you.

What’s the point and the pitch?

“It’s all about selling ourselves to ourselves first so that we are secure in the product of ME, so that we never falter when seeking the relationships of WE!” This week on “The Coming Out Lounge,” we’re bringing a soul-centered, masterful mentor, and DIVA of Selling, to the podcast. Julie Steelman, The Entrepreneur’s Selling Mentor and Author of The Effortless Yes, joins us this week to guide us towards selling ourselves into our authentic spirit. Upon arrival at this soul-inspired destination, Julie will assist us in finding the Archetype of Our Coming Out Spirit so that we can better prepare for those “tough conversations” where we sell ourselves and our sexuality to our inner and outer circles.

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