Episode 017: My Dad's Gay, How 'bout Yours?

Just how would you react to those words if your Dad or Mom blurted them out right after asking, “Can you please pass the pot roast?” Shock, fear, disappointment? Happy, jubilant, excited? No matter the age, when a child’s parent makes the grand announcement that they’re gay, there is a plethora of emotion that is experienced.

In those cliff hanging moments, it’s not uncommon for a child to think…

  • Why me?
  • What about our family?
  • Does this make me gay?
  • Where will I end up?
  • What if Mom/Dad won’t let me see Mom/Dad?

Sure, kids are resilient but that’s not always the case. This week on The Coming Out Lounge we take a look at the “Gay Dad anomaly or reality syndrome” from the eyes of the child…adult children to be exact.

Introducing Erin Margolin, and Jared Karol founders of The Gay Dad Project – an organization whose aim is to explore families – and the relationships within these families – where one parent is gay and one parent is straight. The Gay Dad Project is a safe, warm and welcoming space for people of the LGBTQ community, along with their straight allies, to share stories about their experiences of how gay parents – whether you are one, have one, know one, or are interested in meeting some – have had an effect on your lives.

Inspired by their own experiences as children of gay parents, these three ambitious and proud individuals are taking their stories to the world through their blogs, forth coming book and documentary. During this show we’re going to address the hard questions and deep felt joys of being a child of a gay parent.

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