Episode 021: The Art Of Authenticity

Pretending To Be Who You’re Not Is Scarier Than Being Who You’re Truly Meant To Be!

In a world of reality TV Shows, tabloid magazines, and “Drink This Magic Elixir And Lose 25 Pounds Overnight,” is it really all that surprising that we’re driven to live life’s pretending to be something that we’re not? It’s a global epidemic that has it’s clutches deep in the hearts of most of mankind. So what keeps people playing small, living behind masks, and afraid to “Step Out, Step Up, and Step Into Living Their Authentic Truth?”

This week on The Coming Out Lounge, two of Coming Out Coach Rick’s Life Coaching clients are stepping out and talking about their personal journeys from the dark side of “living to please” to “pleasurable living.” Jason and Gordon will be opening their hearts, minds, and sharing their perspectives on what it truly means to take a journey into authentically living their truths as gay men.

Insightful, thought-provoking, genuine, and straight from the heart, these two beautiful men offer their unique perspective’s of the power of authentically trusting yourself enough to be yourself without constraints.

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