Episode 022: Sex, Food, Desire, and Coming Out!

AlexCall it cravings or desires, we humans want what we want when we want it! Yet, being our sexual selves aren’t just a craving, it’s who we are at our core. But, what about that desire to come out of the closet? That innate urge to just be who we are? How does sex, food, desire and nutrition play into our coming out journey?

Here to help me unravel those questions, and to connect the dots is Alexandra Jamieson, author of Women, Food, and Desire! Fresh off her appearances on The Today Show and Dr. Oz, Alexandra dares us to face our cravings head-on, to make the self-commitment to no longer hide out behind food, self-loathing, or the limiting expectations of others. Sounds like she’s talking about coming out and talking our language.

During this episode of the Coming Out Lounge, Alexandra guides us to unpack our cravings so that we can experience deep healing by making food, sex, and desires our friends, not our enemies.

  • Discover the relationship between desires and our soul.BookCover
  • Learn who Alexandra was having a 3-way with that finally changed everything for her
  • Uncover the one thing you gotta get rid of if you want to digest your food properly

It’s a quick ride with the co-creator and costar of the award winning documentary Super Size Me where we’ll both be challenging you to Super Size You, your cravings, and desires to come out into your most powerful truth.

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