Episode 034: I'm Just Me, You're Just You, We Both Got Closets! – Ash Beckham

Ash didn’t set out to become a viral sensation with her TEDx talk “Coming Out of Your Closet” or her Boulder Ignite speech, “I am SO GAY”. She was just a person with a lot on her mind and a story to share. Nonetheless, her willingness to strike a conversation about tough topics inspired more than 8 million YouTube views across the country. Today, she considers herself an accidental advocate, motivating others to embrace the kind of social behaviors that trigger societal shifts.

Her message is simple, “we aren’t that different”.
Her approach is frank, “mean what you say”.
Her goal is humble; help others recognize the power of empathy, respect and conversation.

Today we’ll explore the closets of life, why “hard = hard,” and what we can all do to embrace each other in this human experience we call life!

Show Highlights

  • The truth about why bathrooms bug the crap out of Ash
  • How to release your pressure valve without blowing your stack
  • Sex education – what we need most right now
  • Ash’s dog weighs in on our conversation
  • The great debate: is queer offensive or not offensive?
  • Uncover why rejecting the binary of sexuality is the frontier

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