Episode 037: It's Time For Your Big Fat Gay Wedding – Tonia Adleta

First you come out, then you hook up a few times, date someone or several someone’s regularly for awhile (hopefully), break up a few times, find Mr. or Mrs. Right, and then if you happen to have the urge, and live in a sane state where Gay Marriage is legal, you get married. That’s quite a trail to follow and it completely wore me out just thinking about it! That’s why when you get to the really big stuff like planning your Big Fat Gay Wedding, you call in the right support.

TA – DA…enter Tonia Adleta, wedding and event planner extraordinaire, and genealogy nerd! She’s ready to dive in with you and make your same-sex hitchin’ ceremony everything you’ve always dreamed it to be. From small, intimate, “Let’s just keep it between us and a few friends,” to an over the top, gay extravaganza, Tonia’s got you covered and she’s here dolling out some good advice for coming out of the closet to say, “I do!”

She lives by one truth, “It’s all about doing what you want on your big day for you to be happy!” She’s even willing to diffuse situations that are out of everyone’s control! Consider her your rock solid, when everything seems to be on shaky ground.

Show Highlights

  • Navigating the in’s and out’s of “How do we do this as a same-sex couple?”
  • Uncover the mystery of “who has a voice at the planning table”
  • Learn why a twice divorced wedding planner is your best bet
  • Find out why her “Love God & Love People” enables her to do her Kick Ass Work
  • Discover her two step process for diffusing any wedding day explosions

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