Episode 038: Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi? – Joe Kort

You’re man’s fooling around on the side. You don’t like it and you sure don’t like it when you find out he’s doing it, not with another woman, but with a MAN. Now what are you going to do?

Before you go all brash and dramazilla on him, let’s think about the real question. Is he gay, straight, or bi? The answer is not as cut and dried as you might think . Male sexuality can express itself in many different ways and doesn’t mean let’s head off to divorce court. If anything, let’s take a deep breathe and decide what’s really going on with your man.

Here to help us unravel some of these questions is Joe, Kort, PhD., MSW, MA, a certified Imago Relationship therapist and board certified clinical sexologist. Today’s conversation come’s straight…no pun intended…from the pages of Joe’s latest book, “Is my husband gay, straight, or bi? A guide for women concerned about their men.” The answers you get today, just might surprise you and make you realize that you’re man may be worth keeping around after all.

Show Highlights

  • The first thing you gotta do before you come out of the closet!
  • Sexual abuse myths revealed
  • Sexual fluidity is not as simple as wrapping things up in nice neat packages.
  • Discover how bisexuality is defined
  • Homoflexible? Heteroflexible? WHAT?

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