Episode 050: Truth, Authenticity, and a Mass Exodus To Self – Joel Barrett

He’s a happily married, gay man, to his husband David.  They’ve been together almost a decade. Although life didn’t always look like this, nor did his authenticity ever quite show up in this way.

In what feels like another life, he was a Baptist pastor, married to a woman and raising three kids. After a lifetime of struggling with the conflict inside of himself he turned to Exodus International and reparative therapy to be rid of this gay thing once and for all.  For the next three years he dedicated his heart and soul to a full “recovery.”  No one wanted to be “not gay” more than him!  He read the books recommended, went to the conferences, listened to the national speakers, attended retreats, participated in group therapy. He evebn went to individual therapy weekly, sometimes several times a week.  He prayed. He cried. He surrendered. He tried…and tried…and tried.

After nearly 3 years of all that.  He stopped.  He began living.  

Today on The Coming Out Lounge, our guest, Joel Barrett preaches a message of living an authentic life that isn’t motivated by fear.  It is his goal to encourage people to LIVE and to build bridges of understanding between seemingly opposite communities.

Show Highlights

  • Discover the power of chimes and divine intervention
  • Learn how to be Godly but Gay
  • Get rid of false beliefs about being good and being gay
  • Tweetable: Life’s a banquet so go live!
  • There is no shortcut to breakthroughs

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